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Comment Block

With this Block, your visitors can easily post comments on your website. It provides all the functionalities required to let your site be interactive.
What about enhancing your website by creating a visitor's book?

This block is available for the websites using the Premium, E-commerce or Pro package.

create a comment website
Your visitors can leave messages on your website by using the Comment Block. It can be very easily inserted on your website and provides all the features you need to let your site be interactive:
  • Option to be notified by email when a visitor posts a comment.
  • Option to validate each comment before it is displayed on your website.
  • Comment management allowing you to add, delete, show or hide comments.
  • Post comments as the webmaster to let your visitors identify your answers quickly.
  • Designs fitting your website theme.
  • Form position, message order and block dimensions are configurable.

You can manage your comment blocks from the page My websites by clicking on the block menu then Comments.

This Block is available in the Premium, E-commerce or Pro package. If you already created a free SiteW website, upgrade now and get all the Premium advantages: domain name, more pages, more storage, enhanced statistics, more blocks...

In order to add your comment form  :

Create a website ou Edit your website



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