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Block CommentInsert your photos or use high quality pictures to create your website with image sharing site Flickr. Millions of professional images are available for free.

The Image Block allows you to insert your photos and images on your SiteW website.

To insert an image:

  1. Add an image block by drag dropping the image block on your page
  2. Choose upload a file
  3. Select the photo

You can also search and display images stored on Flickr. Files can be found either by user name, by e-mail or by tag.

  • if you have a Flickr, Picasa or OpenClipart account, there is no need to store your pictures in 2 places. Store them on Flickr you'll be able to show them on SiteW.
  • if you are looking for pictures to make your site more attractive, you can pick the free ones stored on Flickr, Picasa or OpenClipart.

One option of the Image Block allows you to add a link on your picture, and thus redirecting your visitors to another page or website when they click on it.

Last update: August 09, 2019