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Menu BlockThe automatic Menu Block from SiteW allows you to insert the list of pages of your Website. The management of the pages is easy and the menu is updated automatically.This Block is available from the free website package.
add menu block

Insert this block on the background page and your website will display a menu on all its pages. The menu is displayed accordingly to the design of your website. You only have to manage the pages and it is updated automatically. Two types of menus are available: an horizontal menu to be put at the top of your website and a vertical menu to put on the side of the pages.
The current page is automatically highlighted. Pages can be ordered in a hierarchical manner and submenus are automatically generated. You can also hide pages from the menu. You will then need to put a link in a Text block to let your visitors visit them.
You have the possibility to totally customize the way your menus look. To do so, select your menu by clicking on it. Then click on the Design button. You can then modify everything using that panel: style, size, color, border... Just use your mouse to set the options you want.
Read our guide about menu customization for more details. You can also visit our demo website to test all the menu styles available.

Last update: November 18, 2018