Text BlockThe Text Block allows you to easily add text on your website in a rich text editor. In order to create a harmonious website, the design of the Text Block is based on the theme you choose.
Options are available to display a scrollbar, resize it automatically or change its style.

manage text blockThe Text Block offers many options to let you create your website with a lot of freedom.


Depending on the content you add into the block, you can change its style, ie. the background image, the default font, the text size...
6 styles are available:

  • Title: for the main title of your website
  • Main: for the text showed in the center of your website
  • Main without title: if you do not need a title zone in the block
  • Side: for the text showed on the side of your website
  • Side without title: if you do not need a title zone in the block
  • None: if you do not want to use a style based on the theme of your website.
 Example with the Modern Theme:
create a website title create a website text Create a side style text website
Title Style Main Style Side Style

add text block



When the text you entered is too long, 3 options are available:

  • Crop Text: hides the content outside of the block.
  • Add Scrollbar: if necessary, shows a scrollbar on the side of the block, to let visitors read your entire mesage.
  • Resize Block: adjusts automatically the size of your block to show all the content.
Example with Balanced Theme:
Create a website cropped text Create a website scrollbar text create a website resized text
Crop Text
Add Scrollbar
Resize Block


Tools to edit your text:

In order to edit your text, many functionalities similar to the ones you can find on the text editors are available.
Thus, you can:

  • choose the font and the text size
  • align the text on the left, on the right, center it or justify it
  • put it in bold, italic or underlined
  • change its color or its background color
  • insert an image in your text
  • add a link to another page or to another website
  • or directly modify the code of the content (for advanced users)

If you have any question or if you would like us to add a new functionalities, please post a message.

Last update: March 13, 2017