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March 10, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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This block enables you to add text to your website easily thanks to a comprehensive text editor. You can customize your texts and create your own predefined styles.

You have the possibility to customize your texts and create your own predefined styles!

This block enables you to add text to your website easily thanks to an editor which is easy-to-use and fast.

Many options are available to adapt your block user-friendliness and customize its style. 🎨

Thus, you are totally free to create your own texts.


When you add a block, you must pay attention to its shape. Your block must adapt your website and its content. By paying attention to small details, you’ll stand out from the competition and grab user’s attention.

Text styles

You can choose the text style that best suits your needs among several ones. Depending on content you want to publish, you can choose among these three possibilities:

  • Title: it enables you to add titles only

  • Paragraph: it enables you to add long text without title

  • Title + paragraph: you have 2 text areas: a title and a paragraph. This style is the default style of a Text block.

How to create a website in


If you want to share information in your block, but this one is too large, you have these two possibilities:

  • Add scrollbar: a scrollbar will be displayed on the side of your block to enable visitors to read all your text, just by opening it.

  • Resize the block: the size of your block will automatically adapt to display all your text. This option is enabled by default. So, don’t forget to check the selected option. 🙂

Text block of SiteW

Styles customization

You have the possibility to customize each style totally.

Block background, title, body of the text… You will be able to configure everything to create a custom layout.

Text styles on SiteW

For each zone, the editing tool offers some properties you can modify as you wish. Each zone has its proper customization settings. Enjoy them! You will be able to pay attention to the design of the following elements:

Background Title Paragraph
  • Border

  • Background colour

  • Padding (top, right, bottom, left)

  • Shadow

  • Radius

  • Custom CSS

  • Link

  • Highlight colour

  • Border

  • Margin

  • Align

  • Text colour

  • Padding (top, right, bottom, left)

  • Font size

  • Line spacing

  • Font weight

  • Background colour

  • Radius

  • Custom CSS

  • Border

  • Margin

  • Padding (top, right, bottom, left)

  • Font weight

  • Background colour

  • Radius

  • Custom CSS

  • Font size

  • Line height

  • Align

  • Text colour

Creation of predefined styles

Content styles on SiteW

To customize your styles, you can start from scratch or reuse one of your styles and copy it to just modify a part of it.

The little extra
Info stepup
💡 Users who subscribed to an Essential or upper package can create unlimited predefined styles. On the contrary, users who subscribed to a Starter package can create a single predefined style.

When you select a Text block, the next one you will add to your website will automatically have the same style.

It’s also possible to go back to the style by default. You just need to click the dedicated button.

There is a big advantage: If you have already created your website, you can modify the style of your blocks at any time.


Text edition

In your Text block, you will find features that look like the features of text editors, which are for editing your text.  

When you have created and completed your Text block, you can customize your content. When you click on your text, a toolbar will be displayed.

Toolbar of the Text block

Thus, you can:

  • choose your text font and size

  • align text on the left, right, center or justify it

  • put in bold, in italics or underlined

  • change text colour or underline text in colour

  • add an image to your text

  • add a link to another page or website

  • modify content code (for experts)

Choose title levels

Title levels correspond to hierarchic levels:

Title levels on SiteW

Your readers and search engines will like well-structured texts with a clear and coherent title level. The Text block offers you two options.

Levels of the SiteW Text block

Automatic title level

An algorithm evaluates automatically the optimal title level for your text. Thus, you don’t need to worry about that!

Manual title level

You can choose among 4 title levels presented in their HTML form:

  • H1: main title (level 1)

  • H2, H3, H4: subtitles of different levels (2, 3 and 4)

  • P: paragraph; that is to say, it isn’t a title

A single H1 per page
Info warning
This is one of the most important SEO rules (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization). This rule consists in defining a single H1 per page. You respect this constraint when you opt for automatic title levels.

Implement the different tools

When you add tables, lists or images to your text, you make your content dynamic.

It’s easy! Such as for modifying the style of the body of your text, you just need to click it to display the toolbar. Then you will access different contents to add as you wish.

  • Tables 

When you select the little arrow on the right of the bar, you can select the Table tool. You can define the number of lines and columns, as well as modify it according to your needs.

  • Media and Images

Icons enable you to illustrate your content by adding images and media (videos, GIF…).

  • Lists

To organize your ideas, you should use lists with bullet points or numbers.

Info play
It’s easy to paste content written on a Word document. You just need to use the “Paste as text” feature to the right of the toolbar.

Thanks to these tools, you can make your texts even more dynamic and grab your customers’ attention. The Text block offers all the necessary tools to add texts that suit your needs, whether it is in terms of content, user-friendliness, or design.

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Last update: March 10, 2023