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With SiteW, build the nursery website that fits your business

Daycare schedule template

The SiteW technical team has developed the easiest tools to handle, in order to enable you to design a child care website: the  parents of the children will thus have the possibility to get information on opening hours, the daycare schedule, the location, the application procedure... by using features like online calendars, contact forms, Google maps, Blog or Forum blocks… that you can add to your daycare website design, in just one click.

Free daycare website templates

If you wonder how to start a daycare, you must know that SiteW can help you conceive a website that fits your business needs. The SiteW packages offer a great flexibility and opportunities for development: start with choosing a free nursery website template, and fulfill it the way you want. You will be able to upgrade anytime, if you need to, and to make a daycare website that you love!

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Free daycare templates

Select your children website template and customize it to your tastes!

Child care website design

The web design tools offered by SiteW will allow you to freely customize the appearance of your nursery website: change the colors, the background, the fonts… add icons and graphic elements. You can also insert image galleries, videos, and even music, if you want to. On your daycare website design, you will have the possibility to add private pages only visible to the parents, in order to publish photos of the children, for instance.

Child care website templates

SiteW offers you all the tools to make a daycare website: you can start with a free child care website design, or choose a more complete package, at a highly competitive price. Your nursery website won’t contain any ads, whatever package you select. The SiteW interactive blocks (Newsletter, Comments, Social media…) will allow you to build a privileged relationship with the parents of the children.

Nursery templates, creche website templates for your daycare website
With SiteW, your child care website will enjoy all these benefits:

  • Evolutive

    Start with selecting a free children website template, and add advanced options later on, only if needed.
  • Privacy

    On your nursery blog, you can create members only pages, or even password protected pages.
  • Web design

    Create the layout of your dreams for your daycare website template, by using the graphical tools of SiteW.
  • Assistance

    If you have questions, or any specific requirements for your nursery website, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Web hosting

    The child care websites created on SiteW are hosted for free. Your daycare blog is secure on the Cloud.
  • SEO tools

    Use the SiteW SEO features to improve your child care website design ranking in search engines.
  • Domain

    SiteW helps you register a domain for your custom nursery website template, and build your brand image.
  • Responsive

    Your daycare daily schedule template will be accessible from any mobile device, because it will be responsive.
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