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Appearing on Google

The Google registration step is automatically managed thanks to the information SiteW supplies to search engines.

You can follow the evolution of your website registration in Google on the page Dashboard > Marketing > Google Search Console.

We notify Google of the creation or the modification of your website on each publication, which allows for quick and efficient indexing.

This is done only once every 30 days for free websites (starter package).

To optimize your search engine ranking using SiteW, first go to Dashboard > Marketing > SEO, and be sure to fill in all the fields.

On the editor, in the Pages tab on the left, double click on a page and go to SEO tab. You will find various fields in order to optimize the indexing of your pages:
  • Title in search engine : this is the name that your page will display on the search engines as well as in browser tabs.
  • Meta-description : write one or two sentences related to your keywords and which will make people want to visit your site. This description will be the one that will appear in search engines (in most cases).
  • Page address : simply enter in this field the keywords of your page, separated by dashes '-', this defines the page URL.

⚠️ Be sure to vary the content according to the pages to ensure the good indexing of each page.

To further improve the referencing of your site: To explore these topics, we invite you to read our dedicated articles: Google's organic SEO: how to rank a website on Google?, SEO, improve a website ranking: the comprehensive [guide]. Please note that the updates you make to your website usually take several weeks to be taken into account by Google.

With the Advanced Showcase, Unlimited Showcase, Essential E-commerce, Advanced E-commerce or Unlimited E-commerce packages, appearing in Google is several weeks faster. Those packages also feature detailed statistics allowing the analysis of keywords and locations used by your visitors.

All other benefits of those packages (Domain name, more pages, more blocks, ...) are detailed on the page SiteW offers.