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Appearing on Google

The Google registration step is automatically managed thanks to the information SiteW supplies to search engines.

You can follow the evolution of your website registration in Google on the page My Websites in the notification area.

For Premium, E-Commerce or Pro websites, we notify Google of the creation or the modification of your website on each publication. This is done only once every 30 days for free websites (starter package). Once the Google engine has been notified, its robots (computers exploring the Internet) need to visit your website before it is added to the index.

Finally, the ranking in search results depends of the content of your website and its popularity. You will find advice to enhance your Google ranking on the guides: Premium, E-Commerce or Pro. Please note that the updates you make to your website usually take several weeks to be taken into account by Google.

With the 10 SEO Tips , Search Engine Optimization for your website, Increase Google rankings with Google Webmaster Tools packages, appearing in Google is several weeks faster. Those packages also feature detailed statistics allowing the analysis of keywords and locations used by your visitors. All other benefits of those packages (Domain name, more pages, more blocks, ...) are detailed on the page SiteW offers.