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Are website creation and my website entirely secured?

Security is a priority for our service. SiteW uses a series of measures to guarantee the security of your website, and of the transactions made on your website.
  • Secure login: a green bar is displayed in your browser's address bar during subscription, log in and payments, with a up to $1.750.000 guarantee on SiteW digital identity for the users.
  • Regular security audits to prevent any breach and guarantee total security.
  • Secure online payment of your subscription through the bank servers of our partner the Société Générale/ATOS WORLDLINE bank, that are PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security System) certified. Credit card numbers are never stored on SiteW servers to ensure the transactions are isolated from the website creation service.
  • Norton security Safe-Site: our site is verified by Norton Security on a daily basis to guarantee there is no malware on The Norton logo located on the payment pages allows you to check this out.
  • Daily maintenance and updates of the servers, in order to ensure there is no security breach on our infrastructure.
  • Use of proven web technologies that are maintained daily and whose security is a priority.
  • Redundant and highly-performing cloud infrastructure spread over several data-centers. In case of any network or hardware default, the highly-available service is automatically switched to backup servers.
  • Automatic backup of data and files. Backups are made regularly, in order to guarantee service restoration, even in case of software malfunction.
  • Distributed denial of service protection (anti-DDOS) that allows to block the attacks on the hosting servers of your website and to absorb attacks of more than 4 Tbps.
  • Online store with secure payment for the Pro package. Security is ensured by the PCI-DSS certified bank servers of Paypal (number 1 online payment solution) or by the PCI-DSS certified secure servers of your bank.
  • Anti-virus protection for the files that you share on your website. Each time you add a file and on a regular basis, a test is made by several anti-viruses to check that all the files added to your website are safe for your visitors.
All these security measures will allow you to create your website in the most serene way.