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Update your existing manually created footer

Previously, there was no specific function for footer. So you had to copy a bunch of blocks at the bottom of every page of your website. This tip allowed to create a “manual” footer. There were several problems with this tip:
  • You had to manually change the position of all blocks when adding content to the page (to push them downward)
  • If you wanted to modify a block in the footer, you had to adjust the position of all duplicated blocks, on every page.
  • The footer was not optimized for mobiles
If you have used this process for your footer, here is a tutorial to move your manual footer into the new footer system:
  • Go to one of the pages containing all the blocks of your footer (or go to the background page if you had created a manual footer in the background)
  • Select all the blocks of the footer
  • Right click and select “Add to footer”. The blocks will automatically move to the new footer, and will remain at their locations
  • On each one of the other pages, select all the footer blocks, and delete them
Finally, you may have set a different Menu block for all footers. If you want this menu (which is now in your new footer) to be properly displayed on all pages, you will have to re-configure it.
  • Modify your Menu block by checking all your website pages
  • Delete the old Menu blocks