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With SiteW, you will know how to build a forum website in no time

How to make a forum?

The SiteW forum hosting will allow you to create your own forum very easily. SiteW is a free website builder with which you can start with building a free website, then add a forum to your website in just one click. With SiteW, you can share your ideas with everyone: if anyone want to give their opinion, they just have to leave a comment.

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With SiteW, it is easy to add a forum to your website and even easier to manage it: you can create a topic and an unlimited number of forums. When your visitors want to participate in a forum, they have to subscribe to your website. You then have the possibility to easily manage your forum posts.

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How to start a forum?

Our forum creator is designed to allow anybody to create a forum or a website for free

How to make a forum website?

By using the Drag and Drop technology, build your own forum in only one click: drag the forum block to your webpage in the website modification tool. Then you can customize it the way you want by using our design tools.

Create a forum website

The Premium package of SiteW allows you to add a forum to your website and create an unlimited number of topics. Your forum participants have to subscribe to your website in order to leave a message. Whereas the Pro package allows you to enjoy unlimited forum hosting for free.

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With SiteW, you will get to know how to create a forum website

Your project deserves the best of our website creation software!

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    How to build a forum website that you can totally customize according to your tastes? Effortless with our design tools.
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    Make your own forum and share it on social networks in order to increase its traffic and make it known.
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    SiteW offers you to build your own forum: it will be ad-free. Enjoy our forum hosting freely!
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    Build your own forum: we are here to help you either online or by email at each step.
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    Add a forum to your website: All your forum topics will be safely hosted on our Cloud technology.
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    SiteW takes your website indexation in charge, in order to increase your forum visibility in search engines.
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    Build an acquisition strategy to increase the number of contributors by looking at your forum website statistics.
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    How to create your own forum and make it responsive and accessible from any device? Nothing simpler with Sitew.
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