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Create a family tree

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Make your own family tree

You have a large family and would like to trace its history? Nothing better than family history sites to do so! SiteW is a webbuilder that enables everybody to create a family tree online. You will have all the tools and templates needed to create your genealogy website the way you want.

Make a free family reunion website

You want to gather your family: make a free family reunion website to organize the event. It is indeed very useful to create a free family reunion website to keep everybody in touch. You will be able to add a Google map, a calendar, and of course images and galleries to share your memories of the event.


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Free family tree websites

A family tree online is the best way to trace your family history

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Create a family website

Create a family tree to share your family memories with your loved ones. Leave your mark in the world by telling the stories of your ancestors. With SiteW, you can easily add texts, images, galleries and gadgets to your genealogy website. Thus you can make your own family tree very easily and be sure the most important will be remembered.

Private blog sites

With SiteW, you create family tree websites and genealogy websites and keep them private. Family history sites and genealogy websites are often very personal and you don’t necessarily want anyone to access them. That’s why SiteW enables you to protect your website with a password or to limit its access to members only.

Create your own family tree
Making genealogy sites becomes easy and quick with SiteW
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