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Discover how you can post a resume online in just a few clicks: very useful if you have little time or only little technical knowledge. Our html5 drag and drop system is very easy to handle and will allow everybody to create a cv online easily and quickly.

Why make a cv online?

Today, professionally speaking, the Internet cannot be ignored anymore. The SiteW cv builder gives you the possibility to build a resume online so that your job application is as visible as possible. Moreover, if you post your resume online, your application will be comprehensive and complete (you can add links, videos, maps, etc.) and project a modern and dynamic image. Stand out!

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Evaluated 9.6/10 by users
based on 541 reviews on an independent platform
April 27 2018, 04:48 5/5
The platform is very easy...
The platform is very easy to use. You can wholly customize the website. The support team is fast and high-performance. I recommend it.
Oceane coutellec
August 25 2018, 16:03 5/5
Thank you for this website! i am not a great...
Thank you for this website! I am not a great expert but I manage. Message, problem: I cry for help. Thank you for your reliability.
April 03 2018, 10:06 5/5
Quick to react and efficient
A team with quick reaction, an intuitive, fast and effective platform. The quality of SEO and the rapidity of page loading are very impressive. The SiteW team is very flexible and available for the customers and personally responds to the requests for contact and information.
July 02 2017, 10:37 4/5
You can do many things but...
You can do many things but you need be patient as everything is not necessarily intuitive.
Daphilde bijoux
July 09 2017, 05:49 5/5
Thank you for your help. fantastic platform...
Thank you for your help. Fantastic platform for website creation.
Serge blanc
July 24 2018, 05:45 5/5
Really easy to use
So easy, SiteW is great!
Sud aventure
August 27 2018, 07:56 5/5
Great website for beginners...
I almost create all my websites with I love it !
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Create a cv online easily and quickly with SiteW

Post a resume online: improve your job application

You will be pleasantly surprise at how easily you will build a resume online for free by using the SiteW cv builder. You will just have to choose and fulfill one of our resume templates and then customize it according to your needs.

Stand out with our free resume creator

Build your resume online, spread your application and extend your professional network. You will thus create a cv online, that is complete and which will highlight your skills and allow you to stand out from the other applicants.

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The benefits of SiteW to write a resume online

  • Evolutive

    Keep your cv online in an unlimited way. You will be able to add advanced options in the course of time, if needed.
  • No ads

    At SiteW, my resume online will not contain any advertising. So it can be read freely.
  • Assistance

    Any question about my resume online? Our team will answer you 7/7 by email. You can also find our online help.
  • Hosting

    My resume online is hosted freely and in complete safety thanks to SiteW cloud technology.
  • SEO

    Create a cv online and work your SEO with the SiteW tools to reach the first pages of Google.
  • Responsive website

    Build a resume online for free and it will be responsive and accessible everywhere from any connected device.
  • Social media

    Build a resume online and add social media icons to it in order to increase the chances of spreading it.
  • Design

    Post a resume online which stands out thanks to our design tools and our modern resume templates.
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