How to collaborate to manage your website easily?

May 19, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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Users who create a website or an online store can benefit from the "Collaboration" feature, which allows them to modify and manage the website with several people, from different accounts, without having to share login information. How does it work? What possibilities does this feature offer? In which cases can it be useful? This guide explains everything!

How to configure the collaboration feature?

  • Log in to your SiteW account.
  • Go to the My websites page and click on Dashboard > Collaboration.
  • If you want to add a collaborator, enter their email address.
  • Select the features you want to grant to the different collaborators of your website by checking them off.
  • If the collaborator doesn't have a SiteW account, access in the form of an invitation to collaborate will be sent by email.
  • Each collaborator will be able to manage the website from the My websites page.
  • If you wish to delete a collaborator, you just have to remove all their roles, by deselecting all the boxes.

Possibilities offered by the "Collaboration" function

Several roles can be defined according to the collaborators. As seen above, you just have to check or uncheck the features you wish to grant to the different co-administrators of your website:

  • Access to the backoffice of the website: this role allows access to the statistics of the website and to the management of blocks.
  • Website edition: this feature gives access to the website creation tool and to the website settings.
Info warning
It is recommended to limit the number of people having this role, as simultaneous modifications can lead to data loss. If another employee uses the site builder at the same time as you, you will be notified on the edit page.
  • Change roles: This feature is required to change the roles of collaborators, and also to add new co-administrators.
  • Change owner details: This role allows you to change the contact details and email addresses of the site owner, and also to assign the ability to change the owner details to other contributors. When a person has this role, the "Owner" tab appears in the website settings, allowing access to the owner's contact details and email page.
  • Invoicing of the website subscription: The contact details of the assigned collaborator will be used to issue the invoice. This is the person who will be in charge of renewal payments, option additions, or package changes for the website. In some cases, this role will not be modifiable: for example, if the website was created by a SiteW partner.

When to use the collaboration feature?

The Collaboration tool can be useful in many ways. Here are some concrete examples of how to use this feature:

  • Distribute the roles in a team (whether for an association, a company, or even between friends or members of the same family, if it is a personal website): for example, the treasurer takes care of invoicing, the webmaster takes care of modifying the website, the preparer manages orders via the backoffice of the website...
  • Delegate the creation of your website, or the modification of an existing one, to a SiteW partner: you can thus partially unload the tasks related to the creation or the management of your website, while remaining autonomous.
  • Become a SiteW partner: you can create websites for your customers, while offering them the possibility to update their website themselves.
  • Manage several websites with different billing information, on the same SiteW account: this can be convenient, for example, if you have a personal website and a professional website. In this case, you just need to give the billing role to different SiteW accounts, while keeping the access to the administration of all your websites, on the same account.

In conclusion, whether you are a SiteW's reseller, jointly managing a personal, company or association website, or even if you own and manage several websites at the same time, the Collaboration feature will be useful. Make it your own, without further ado!

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Last update: May 19, 2023