How to proceed to conform your website to GDPR easily?

February 08, 2023 - Yasmina Souidi

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European regulation which aims at protecting the personal data of European citizens on the internet.

This regulation implies quite a few legal restrictions for any website addressing European countries.  SiteW developed a system allowing you to easily comply with the legal obligations related to this regulation.

When you create a website, it's essential to do your utmost to protect your data and your users' ones. Consent requests can be used as a proof of authorization, as far as personal data collection is concerned.

Which SiteW blocks are concerned by GDPR?

The blocks concerned by GDPR are the following ones:

  • Online store
  • Forum
  • Newsletter
  • Form
  • Member
  • Comment

In the Content tab, in the GDPR section, for all concerned blocks, you have the possibility to configure the following points for European visitors:

  • Add a sentence describing the purposes of data collection.
  • Insert a checkbox that must be checked by users in order to send their data.

The GDPR configuration is shared between all Member and Shop blocks of your website:

form block of sitew

  • For the Shop block, you can configure your GDPR settings, on the Content panel, after selecting the block, by clicking on “Manage Terms and GDPR”
  • For the Member block, you can configure your GDPR settings, in the GDPR section, at the bottom of the Design panel, after selecting the block, and clicking on “Sign-up fields”, on the left blue panel.

On the My Websites page, by clicking on Settings > GDPR > Consents, you can view the list of user consents.

Features for your website members

Members registered on your website can delete their account, without having to ask the webmaster to do it. To do so, they must log into their member account, and click on Delete your account. All related data is then deleted (form responses, forum posts, newsletter subscription, pending orders…). Paid orders will nevertheless remain visible by the webmaster because it is legally required.

Features for the webmaster

The webmaster has the possibility to:

  • Manually delete any information: Order, Newsletter subscription, Form responses, Forum posts…
  • Easily set an automatic removal time for forum posts, form responses and comments.
  • Set an automatic removal time for newsletter subscriptions (a notification email will be sent before automatic deletion).
  • Set an automatic removal time for the corresponding newsletter subscriber, after automatic or voluntary cancellation of newsletter subscription.
Watch out
Info warning
All automatic deletions are irreversible.

automatic delations

Create a website online for free

It is now possible to easily enable and configure your website cookies. To do so, go to the My Websites page, and click on Settings > GDPR > Cookies. Cookies will be displayed once for all visitors that haven’t approved them yet. They will be displayed again, if their contents change.

cookies banner
cookies list
With these new features dedicated to GDPR, you can rest assured that you will easily comply with the European laws on personal data protection. Update your website!

Yasmina Souidi
Content Manager Junior
My passion for the Web urged me to SEO and content creation. Curious and meticulous, I work as a Content Manager Junior at SiteW. 🌱

Last update: February 08, 2023

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