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New text tools

Text blockWe improved the Text block to be faster, easier and to have more functionalities. You can now create tables, numbered lists, insert content from Word or raw texts, remove a paragraph styles (colors, fonts, sizes...)....

With the new toolbar, you can create better content for your website:


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In just a few clicks, create a table on your website as if you were using your text editor at home. You can change the header styles, row and column colors, merge cells, etc...

Formated text

If you have your text ready in a Word document, use the special "Paste from Word" button W. It will insert your text automatically and will adapt its code to be cleaner, faster to load and displayable on all the browsers. If you want to paste a text and remove all its styles, use the special "Paste Raw Text" button .


Free website templateYou can also insert ordered and numbered lists.


Of course, it is still possible to change your text styles: colors, fonts, bold, underline, italic, alignments...
You can also insert images, add links to other websites, to pages of your website or to personnal documents (Word, PDF, ...).

Creating a website becomes simpler and quicker!

Last update: March 23, 2020