Web design: discover the Undo/Redo features of SiteW

September 01, 2022 - Yasmina Souidi

2 minutes

We are pleased to announce you the launch of the Undo/Redo feature for your website creation! You can now cancel your actions and restore them afterwards, if needed. It is more than just handy: it’s indispensable!

How to use this feature?

You can use this feature in 3 different ways:

  • With the following keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+z (cancel) et Ctrl+shift+z (restore).
  • With the left and right arrows that you can find in the top toolbar of the website modification page.
  • Or using the dropdown menu displaying the history of your actions.

The arrows and keys allow you to quickly cancel the last action performed. Whereas the dropdown menu allows to select an action performed earlier.

How to use the dropdown menu?

  • Your position in the history is indicated by a dotted line.
  • By clicking on the actions of the history, you will return to an earlier or later stage, according to your position in the history.
  • The group actions appear when a single action results in several actions (for example, when you move a block, it can move other blocks, a group action is thus created).
  • When you hover the actions, the concerned blocks animate.

Actions that can be cancelled

For the moment, not all actions are cancellable. We prioritized the most frequently used ones in order to make them available as quickly as possible. We are already working on the other actions.

Current possibilities

You can currently cancel or restore the following actions:

  • Actions related to the coordinates of the blocks on the page: move, move to foreground/background, rotate, resize
  • Actions related to the position of the blocks on the website: add a block, move a block to another page, duplicate and delete a block (note that once your website has been saved, it is not possible to cancel the deletion of the advanced blocks).
  • Group actions concerning several blocks: delete, move, duplicate
  • Actions related to the hierarchy and order of the pages

Future possibilities

In addition to all those, you will soon be able to cancel or restore the following actions:

  • Add, duplicate or delete pages
  • Modification of the block settings
  • Modification of the page settings
  • Actions performed in the file manager
  • Actions related to the data management of the advanced blocks: Blog, Online-Shop, Agenda, Comment, Forum, Newsletter

You now know everything about our new Undo/Redo feature: how to use it and in which case you should use it to make the most of it. You should now find website creation/modification a lot quicker, and even more easy…

Yasmina Souidi
Content Manager Junior
My passion for the Web urged me to SEO and content creation. Curious and meticulous, I work as a Content Manager Junior at SiteW. 🌱

Last update: September 01, 2022