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Web design softwarePageRank (PR) is a scoring system used by Google Search to rank websites in SERP. It was created by Larry Page (co-founder of Google) and it defines the quality of a website or a blog with a mark between 1 and 10. When you create your website, the higher your PageRank is, the better your website is ranked. Page Rank is to be taken into account in your SEO strategy.

How to calculate you PageRank?

You can add free add-ons allowing you to know your PageRank. For example SEO Quake (Mozilla). Some websites allow you to calculate it for free. Lastly, you can calculate a website PageRank with Google toolbar in Internet Explorer. Note that this data is only informational and does not correspond exactly to Google PR.

Create a lot of links

As we already saw it, relevant and high quality backlinks are a good way to improve your website reputation and your PageRank.
To do so, you can guest blog. That is to say write an article for another blog, by positioning as an expert on a topic you master (a topic related to your job or to your website).
You can also take part in forums. Once again, you should add value to the debate, your contribution should be relevant.
You can also add internal links between the pages of your website.
Eventually, remember to update your content and add new content to your website.

Improve your website PageRank
Improve your website reputation and your PageRank

Link juice

As we have already seen it: it is important to create links, especially high-quality relevant backlinks. The quality of a backlink depends on two criteria: the quality of the website which contains the link and the number of links it contains. Hence the link juice concept because the more links there are, the more diluted the PageRank benefit is.

Nofollow links

Links in social networks and blog comments are often nofollow. Nofollow is an HTML attribute value which tells search engine robots not to follow nor take into account the links.


Netlinking allowing you to increase your PageRank should be natural. If you just try to have as many backlinks as possible and they are poor quality, you may be penalized by search engines which consider it as spam.

boost your SEO thanks to PageRank
Create a backlink strategy to boost your website popularity


Linkbaiting means creating contents with the aim of generating links. It may be humorous articles, article translations, reviews, infographics, scoops etc.

Reciprocal links

A reciprocal link is an exchange of links with another website.

It is important to be as cautious with reciprocal links as with backlinks. Because in the same way, search engines will take into account both the popularity and the quality of the website which contains the link, but they will also analyze the popularity and relevance of the destination pages. Thus you will have to pay attention to the relevance, popularity and quality of the website you partner with. The websites mustn’t be fraudulent and should not contain too many external links which is considered as suspicious by Google.
Also be cautious if you own several sites and create links between all of them: search engines consider the reciprocal links generated from the same ip address as suspicious. Remember that the external links must add value to your website. They must be informative and useful to your website. Try to use a maximum of one or two external links per page.
You now know some tips to improve your reputation on the Internet (your PageRank). It is up to you now to make the difference!

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Last update: December 18, 2020

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