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Government website design

With SiteW, build the government website that fits your city

City template

The SiteW team, who has a long time experience in city website design, has developed easy to handle web design tools, in order to help you create your city site: your fellow citizens will be able to easily get information about your local activities and events, thanks to the SiteW interactive blocks (Blog, Social media).

Municipal website design

In the same way, you will be able to add photos, videos, Google Maps, agendas… to your city web pages, so that everyone knows about the current and future events of the town. You will be able to easily and quickly update your town website. No need to be an expert in web development: our tools are very intuitive.

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Local government website design

With SiteW, expert in town website design, easily create and manage your local government blog

City website design

Build a city portal website for your local community. The tools developed by SiteW will enable you to effortlessly customize your local government template and easily add links to it. You will be accompanied all along the city website design process, and SiteW will help you register a domain.

Town template

SiteW offers you all the features you need to create your local council website: you will be able to work on the SEO of your local authority website, so that your citizens can easily access the information they seek. With SiteW, you will build an effective town council website in no time.

Town council website design
Your local community websites will enjoy the following benefits:

Your project deserves the best of our website creation software!

  • Social media

    You have just created your local authority site? Use social media to communicate with your citizens.
  • SEO tools

    SiteW takes charge of your local government website's SEO, so that it reaches the top of Google.
  • Web design

    Give your city council website a modern appearance that matches the values and history of your city.
  • Assistance

    Any question or specific request about your local government site? Send us an email or a chat message!
  • Web hosting

    SiteW hosts all your town blog's data for free. The web hosting offered by SiteW is totally secure.
  • Statistics

    The stats tools tell you the number of visits of your municipality site, for you to better know your citizens.
  • Domain

    SiteW guides you in registering a domain for your local council website or your municipality website.
  • Responsive

    Your city website can be visited by everyone: anyone can access your town site from any device.
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