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Within a few minutes only, you will make an ecommerce website.

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With SiteW, when you create an online shop with a few mouse moves, you can immediately add your products, your descriptions, your prices and start setting up an online store without waiting. SiteW is a fast and effective tool. And we do not charge any commission on your online store revenue.

Create your own online store

Starting an online retail business used to be complicated. It is not the case any longer: you are now able to open an online shop with just a few clicks and above all to manage it entirely by yourself. No need any longer to hire an expensive service provider: you are the sole decision-maker for your website.

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Starting an online retail business

Starting an online boutique is now an affordable dream.

How to build an ecommerce website?

With our e commerce services, you will know right away how to start an online shop, even though you don’t have any skills concerning computer. You can create a web store only by using your mouse.

How to start a successful online store?

SiteW offers you all the tools you need to open an online shop: automatic stock management, billing, customer follow-up, promotional tools, newsletters… You can make your online shop and increase your online store revenue.

How to open an online shop?
What does Site W do for my online store?

  • Statistics

    As an online-retailer, you need an easy access to your online store statistics: it is the case with the SiteW stats tools.
  • Social networks

    Spread your online store using social networks to improve your business website and increase your revenue!
  • Assistance

    SiteW assists you by email or online if you have any question concerning opening an online boutique!
  • Hosting

    Hosted in our high performing Cloud, your online store data is hosted in total safety.
  • SEO

    We take responsibility for your online store and we will take care of indexing it in search engines.
  • Responsive

    Create a webshop that is fully responsive so that everyone can visit it from any device.
  • Domain

    Register a domain name for your website in the simplest way: allow us to accompany you.
  • Webdesign

    Build your own shop and design its look accurately: it is easy with all the design tools at your disposal.

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