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How to create a dynamic website

Trophée des entreprises numériques du Cantal - SiteW vainqueur

SiteW a reçu le trophée de la catégorie Numérique. Ce prix récompense le travail d'une petite vingtaine de collaborateurs qui ont oeuvré à faire ce que est aujourd'hui : un service en ligne qui permet à chacun de pouvoir créer son propre site internet, sans connaissance technique.

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Auvergne Nouveau Monde - Pépites 2016

SiteW participe au "Pépites Project" d'Auvergne Nouveau Monde et fait partie de la sélection des 5 “pépites” du Cantal qui pourront bénéficier d’un reportage vidéo en automne 2016.

How to launch a website est le lauréat 2010 du Concours Talents de la région Auvergne dans la catégorie Innovation technique et technologique.

Cette année, 1600 créateurs d’entreprise ont fait acte de candidature dans les 20 régions participantes, un chiffre en augmentation de 26% par rapport à 2009. Les candidats au Concours Talents® sont de plus en plus nombreux parce qu’il est le gage d’une reconnaissance professionnelle et médiatique certaine et qu’il valide le sérieux de leur parcours.
Voir les 3 lauréats de la région Auvergne : the story

The idea of creating SiteW was born in spring 2007.
Web tech passionates, we were regularly contacted by friends and relatives to create small websites: associations, guest houses, shops, tradesmen...
They had a limited budget and could not afford to call on web design companies.
On the other hand, they did not have the technical knowledge to create their websites by themselves.

The ideal tool would be an online service
allowing everybody to create and to manage websites by themselves
without any technical knowledge! was born ! Individuals had blogs to tell about their daily lives, companies will have SiteW to present their activities and products.

General overview


SiteW (pronounced Site Double-You) is an online service allowing individuals and professionals to build their own websites by themselves.
Hundreds of websites have already been built thanks to SiteW website creation tool. You can look at the ones which chose to be in our directory at: User built Websites


To democratize website creation. We believe that each shop, each tradesman, each company should have the possibility to create and manage their website easily.


Creating a website is really easy ! It only requires to:

Then, you just need to drag and drop blocks on the webpages to add text, images, photo galleries, videos, google maps, ... The editor leaves a lot of freedom: blocks can be moved and resized as you wish.


On the Internet. Everything is managed online:

  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Nothing to install on your personal computer.
  • Update your site from anywhere.


Now. Nowadays, most people are looking for companies and services on the Internet.
It is essential for businesses to be present on this new media, which moreover, allows to show in a more dynamic way their skills and know-how: photo galleries, videos...

Which services?

Now, we propose 3 packages:

  • Starter, which allows to build a website for free.
    It provides several designs and the basic blocks (text, images, videos, map, photo gallery...). The websites can contain up to 5 pages and their addresses look like
  • Premium, which provides more templates, interactive blocks (user comments, contact form, music, flash animation) and a domain name
  • Pro, which allows to create an online store and send newsletters to visitors.

You can find all details about our different packages on this page: Site creation packages

Examples of websites created with SiteW

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