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How to start a craft business? Where to sell art online? Use SiteW!

Art websites

SiteW offers you all the features you will need to create an artist website. Whether you want to open an online art gallery, to create an online art portfolio or make an artist page, you will find all the necessary tools to do it: image galleries, online quote request form and even online store, if you want to sell paintings online. SiteW is the best website builder for artists, for art gallery website design or art web design.

Arts and crafts websites

If you dream of starting a craft business and want to create a craft website or an arts and crafts online store, SiteW is the tool that you need. You will be able to start your craft website design and thus present your artwork online, using one of our craft website templates. You will have the possibility to add a contact form, a location map or even a Store block, if you want to sell handmade items online.

Why SiteW is the best choice for your website?
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Create a website easily.
With SiteW, you are able to easily create your own professional website without technical knowledge.
A total creative freedom.
Release your creativity to give your projects the best and develop your online presence. We take care of the rest!
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Start your website quickly.
With a few clicks, you publish your website, add all our functionalities to create the website of your dreams.
Our team is at your side to succeed.
Our team is based in France and is totally available to quickly help you when you need it.
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Artist website templates, handicraft website templates

If creation is your passion, create your artist webpage or make a handicraft website!

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Selling crafts online

SiteW is the perfect tool for anyone that wants to sell artwork online. Handmade jewelry websites, personal art blogs, sewing craft blogs, craft selling sites… every craftsperson will be able, whatever their craft is, to present their work and sell handmade crafts online.

Art sites

How to sell art online? Create an art portfolio website? Start a gallery website? Here are the questions that artists often ask themselves. SiteW offers you the perfect web hosting for artists to create your own art website, open your web gallery of art and sell your art online.

Artist website design
Here is what SiteW offers you for your artist sites:

Your project deserves the best of our website creation software!<br>Enjoy all our functionalities to start your website creation, take charge of your online presence!

  • Web design

    Your craft web design will be totally customized: you will be the one to decide what it will look like.
  • Stats

    The statistics of your artist painter website will be easily accessible, thanks to our specialized tools.
  • Domain

    SiteW helps you to register a domain for your art history blog and thus to improve your notoriety.
  • Assitance

    SiteW supports you all along your artist website design process. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email!
  • Hosting

    SiteW offers you free artist website hosting. Your street art blog is totally secure on the Cloud.
  • Social media

    Where to sell paintings online? Where to sell crafts? Create your site on SiteW and share it on social media.
  • SEO tools

    We help you to improve the SEO of your painting blogs by giving you the right tools to reach Google’s top.
  • Responsive

    Your digital art gallery will be responsive, just like all websites created on SiteW: accessible from any device.
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