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Starting a makeup blog

You have been reading beauty products blogs for a long time and want to create a beauty blog on your own? Try SiteW!

How to create fashion and beauty blogs?

You certainly don’t know that starting a beauty blog can be done so quickly and easily. However, SiteW has developed a tool that allows you to create your makeup blog or your beauty blog in only a few minutes. Without having to be skilled in computing.

Beauty products blogs, hair and beauty blogs, beauty and fashion blogs…

With the siteW tools, you will be able to build all kind of fashion and beauty blogs in just a few mouse moves. You will create your beauty blog and will easily update and maintain it entirely by yourself.

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July 02 2017, 10:37 4/5
You can do many things but...
You can do many things but you need be patient as everything is not necessarily intuitive.
Daphilde bijoux
August 27 2018, 07:56 5/5
Great website for beginners...
I almost create all my websites with I love it !
June 20 2017, 02:31 5/5
Thank you to
Thank you to Very useful and functional.
Asso yog'art
October 01 2018, 08:13 5/5
Very good responsiveness for the...
Very good responsiveness for the questions. After training, it is very easy to use. Moreover, it is a French website builder that was a determining factor for me.
I deeply recommend this tool.
Sandrine gourlez
August 25 2018, 16:03 5/5
Thank you for this website! i am not a great...
Thank you for this website! I am not a great expert but I manage. Message, problem: I cry for help. Thank you for your reliability.
July 24 2018, 05:45 5/5
Really easy to use
So easy, SiteW is great!
Sud aventure
August 28 2018, 01:43 4/5
Perfect for beginners
Perfect for beginners.
Thierry joubert
How to create website with joomla Starting a beauty blog
My beauty blog now

Create a beauty blog

Starting a makeup blog has finally become easy and accessible. It is time to have fun starting a beauty blog!

Build a girl blog or a cosmetics blog and make your dreams come true

You have been dreaming to create your community around your own makeup blog? SiteW helps you with fulfilling your dreams. Let’s make your girl blog one of the best makeup blogs on the web by using our design and seo tools.

Beauty blog or makeup blog: it will fit your expectations anyway

For a makeup blog, a cosmetics blog or for beauty products blogs, SiteW offers you everything you need to build the perfect hair and beauty blog. Our goal: allowing you to make a beauty blog that perfectly matches your desires.

Starting a beauty blog
What you really need to make the best makeup blogs

  • Design/creation

    The design of my beauty blog totally customized in only a few clicks? Easy, with the design tools of SiteW.
  • SEO

    You have created a beautiful makeup blog. You now must improve your Google ranking. SiteW helps you with that task.
  • No ads

    Everybody will browse your beauty products blog peacefully: there won’t be any unwanted ads on your beauty blog.
  • Assistance

    We can help you! If you have any doubt or question about your makeup blog, just contact us by email.
  • Hosting

    Your beauty tips blog is hosted in our cloud. Your data is thus stored for free and in all safety.
  • Social media

    My beauty blog needs some promotion: I can share it on social media in one click to make it known.
  • Statistics

    I can see the number of visits of my cosmetics blog and get to know my visitors thanks to the SiteW statistics.
  • Responsive

    Your makeup blog will be responsive and entirely customizable. Easy to access from anywhere in the world!
Hundreds of beauty blogs designed every day
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