Protect your cloud information easily and effectively

September 01, 2022 - Yasmina Souidi

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Cloud services are usually very secured systems. Data loss hardly ever happens, even though this might sometimes occur. In this article, we give you some simple advice in order to protect the information you've stored in the cloud.

First of all, don't worry, cloud services are much more powerful than your personal computer. And cloud computing professionals must guarantee the greatest possible security, for obvious commercial reasons.

what is cloud computing

What is cloud computing? What we call the cloud is a set of shared software resources (networks, servers, applications, services, storage) which you can access easily and at any time. In other words, this service allows you to access data or services at any time from your computer or from any other Internet-connected device, without having to store them on your personal hard-drives.

Here are some tips in order to optimize your personal information protection:

  • What you should do first is protecting your personal data at your own level, that is to say protecting your computer and your connection. To do so, you can install antivirus software and remain alert: don't click on suspicious links, never open unknown email-attachments, regularly update your softwares, so that they remain safe.

  • Pick a good password. It is generally advised to select a combination of letters and numbers that does not match any anniversary, birthday, name or even dictionary word.

  • You should also pay attention to the nature of the data that you store in the cloud: very personal files or sensitive information like your credit card number should not be stored outside your computer.

  • It is useful to know that there also exist encryption softwares, such as Axcrypt.

  • Finally, always keep a copy of your files on another medium (hardcopy or digital). You can for instance keep one copy on two different hard drives or on two distinct online services.

protect your data - use the cloud

If you want to go further on this issue, you may find it useful to consider the following questions:

  • Will you be able to withdraw your information from the cloud, if necessary?

  • How is your cloud service doing, financially speaking? Will it still be online within 10 or even 20 years?

  • Eventually, what safety guarantees does your cloud service offer to you? 

SiteW uses the latest technological improvements in order to protect your data and to ensure the best possible service. Your website and your files are stored and served by our powerful redundant cloud infrastructure made of secured servers distributed in multiple high availability datacenters worldwide.

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