How to join the community of experts of SiteW?

September 01, 2022 - Yasmina Souidi

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Since spring 2018, you can find on SiteW a new section called community of experts. But who these experts are? How are they bound to SiteW? And you, will you be the next?

The project

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Some of the SiteW users draw attention to themselves because they master very well our tool or because their job is linked to webdesign and, sometimes, web agencies contact us on the technical support to tell us they use SiteW for their customer’s website.

We decided to gather all the skills connected with our platform and to join them within a community of experts dedicated to help any user create his website.

From the development engineer to the graphic designer, from the freelance secretary to the computer technician, the community of experts of SiteW is many and various! In order to highlight this richness, we interviewed Eric Taboré, Sylvain Reculé and Emilie Muller who were the first users to answer our questions.

So, why not join them? Whether you are a web agency using our tool, a professional web designer or an ‘ordinary’ user who want to create websites with SiteW for customers, you are able to join our experts’ network.

How to be part of it?

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To join the community of experts, you must accept our partnership program and its ethical charter that reaffirms the values of probity in which SiteW is willing to develop. The membership is totally free and SiteW charges no sales commissions.

When the registration process is done, the partner enjoys a dedicated personal space where he can manage his custom profile in the partner directory but also his clients’ websites. He can also create new accounts on SiteW and link new websites to them.

In order to test and create website mockups, our partners enjoy a free Pro package, have a priority access to the technical support as well as a privileged interlocutor from SiteW, in charge of the community of experts, at their disposal.

The advantages

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Privileged access to resources

The experts have access to a private section of the SiteW blog with articles and different resources. Contrary to the public section, the community can add comments allowing it to talk about the different topics broached, to share experiences, ideas, even projects.

Indeed, it is very important for us to arouse collaborations between the different members of the community of experts but also with the SiteW team.

The SiteW experts are also prescribers for our platform’s future evolutions, their requests and their suggestions are immediately taken into account.

As far as important developments are concerned, our experts are able to test them first.

Other resources are implemented: a newsletter for the experts, customized business card, etc.

Spotlight on our partners

We highlight this partnership to our users via our website, the social networks, the technical support, advertising supports, the press (as here, for example), etc.

Preferential prices

All of our partnership program's members enjoy preferential prices.

We recruit!

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SiteW relies on proximity with its users: each internet user with a SiteW account or not, with a free package or not, who gets in touch with us receives a tailored answer. Our company clearly differs from its competitors as it is driven by one principle which is offering a regular support to each interlocutor.

Thus, our ambition is to make sure that each user can also call on a SiteW expert nearby. In order to get this geographical coverage, numerous places are still available in France and abroad!

Join the community

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If you know and like our editor, why don’t you join our community of experts? Within this community, you will be able to develop your skills, to have a showcase on our website, to share the renown of SiteW and to take part in web projects for customers.

Would you like to embark on it? Asking for a partnership is easy and fast:

  • Go to the page Resellers and Web agencies
  • Click on the button Become a partner: only a text area allows you to freely write your motivations and that’s all!
  • Then, we will quickly get in touch with you and will help you during the registration process.
Therefore, do not hesitate anymore: click! 
Yasmina Souidi
Content Manager Junior
My passion for the Web urged me to SEO and content creation. Curious and meticulous, I work as a Content Manager Junior at SiteW. 🌱

Last update: September 01, 2022