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Create a website with a minimal budget by only enabling features you really need.
All options listed below are available for any free, premium or pro website.

Domain names

Personalize your website with a professional name. Register a domain for your website and get a better ranking in search engines and a personalized email address. To get a better search engine ranking in the United States, we suggest that you choose a .US name for your website. The domain booking is instantaneous and the setup for your website is automatic. If you already own a domain name, you can easily set it up for your newly created website (any domain extension supported) or transfer it to SiteW for full easy management of your website and domain in one place.

Identical price for all extensions:
.US, .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .CC, .WS, .ME, .AT, .NAME, .IN, .PL, .DE, .DK, .YT, .FR
Each additional$2.59/month$2.29/month$2.29/month$1.99/month$1.99/month


Enhance your business by creating professional email addresses (like
Each additional$0.39/month$0.39/month$0.17/month$0.17/month

Extra storage for domain emails

Upgrade the most filled domain emails to 5Gb of storage.
Each additional$2.29/month$2.29/month$2.29/month$2.29/month


Easily upload files and select them from the file manager. Specifically designed for the storage of your website images, store product photos and downloadable files. Each 100 MB allows storage of between 50 and 100 high quality photos.
Included1 GB6 GB10 GB20 GB
Each 100 MB$1.39/month$1.39/month$0.69/month$0.69/month
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