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Our mission

SiteW has been created to redesign website creation. We think the creation of a website should always be easy, enjoyable and affordable.
Our mission is simple.

Giving you the possibility to create and manage a professional-quality website in total freedom, all by yourself, whatever your technical skills. We ensure effective solution, secure framework as well as quality and human support.

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Our story

SiteW is a company created by two close engineers, Cédric Hamel and Fabien Versange.

The story begins in 2007 when they decide to leave their respective jobs in the French city of Toulouse. At Siemens for Cédric, at Airbus for Fabien.

They dream of offering an innovative solution to enable everyone to create a website and decide to set up in the French department of Cantal.

In 2008, after many sleepless nights, the first version of SiteW releases with a free version that is immediately offered.

Since then the company has developed.

We are still progressing with as much common sense and kindness as possible.

First, by offering an easy, enjoyable, affordable and ever-changing solution.

Then, by focusing on essentials: supporting our users, so they can follow their ideas and achieve their objectives.

SiteW is much more than a solution to create a website, it is a human adventure.

Our values


Having team spirit

Leaving your ego at the door.
Being yourself and remembering that everyone works towards the sucess of the same objetive. Our success relies on the quality of human relationships. Being kind, empathic and friendly to be inspiring and inspired.


Trusting yourself and each other

Self-confidence and confidence in others.
Leaving individualism for the group. Everyone finds their place and takes responsibility. We make faster progress and go further with collective intelligence. We encourage everyone to give their best.


Being honest

No pretence. Transparency and honesty are our keywords.
We are committing to always being honest within the team as well as users.


Giving priority to users

Happy users who succeed = a blooming and motivated team.
Our everydaylife consists in finding solutions. Our priority is users, we all are answerable and capable of solving these problems.


Having a positive impact

Giving meaning to your work and having a positive impact.
We adapt our actions and behaviours to our objectives. Using your skills to have a positive impact on the work of the other team members, users and our environment.


Questioning yourself

Learning from your mistakes, listening, being self-critical and getting better constantly. We don’t blame. Being able to question yourself, listen, give and receive feedbacks is one of our keys to our development.

The team

We think that gathering people, who share strong values, in the best professional framework enables to achieve a lot.

SiteW is a human adventure based on a tightly knit team.

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