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Available on theses packages:
  • Premium
  • E-Commerce
  • Pro

ForumWith the Forum block, you allow your visitors to talk directly on your website.

This block is available for all the websites with a Premium or Pro package.

The Premium package allows to create a forum which can contain an unlimited number of topics. Topics are directly created by visitors, who can also reply to existing topics.

To post a message, your visitors have to fill the subscription form and send the message. Once their account is created, they can come back to your website and sign in directly, without having to fill in their personal details again.

The members of the forum have the possibility to change their avatar, when they are logged into their account, in their Member area (you must have inserted a Member block into your website).

It is possible to add a search field to the forum, so that your visitors can find any specific topic, by entering a search term.

It is also possible to create direct links to specific topics, by copying their URL from the address bar.

The forum messages and topics can be modified by their author or by the website administrator, by clicking on the appropriate buttons in the messages.

A second response form can be added at the top of a forum topic.

The Pro package allows to add an unlimited number of forums to your website. By adding forums to different pages, it is possible to offer multiple categories of discussion.

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