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Block Google map

Your visitors will easily find where you are by using the dynamic maps you can add on your SiteW website. Simply type in your address and the map is automatically created on your website.

create website map

The GoogleMap Block allows you to display a dynamic map on your website.

Add a map to your website

Adding this block on your site is trivial:

  • Select your block
  • In the Content tab, enter your address in the “Map address” field
  • Move and resize the block as needed, just like with the other blocks

Add accommodations to your map

With SiteW, you have the possibility to add accommodations (hotels and Airbnbs) to your map, on a specific area, in the form of pins on the map.
You can set check in/check out dates in order to show only the accommodation available during this period.
To enable this function, select “Hotels and Airbnbs” in the dropdown menu under “Type of map”

The Map block will be very useful for any kind of websites requiring a localization: tourism website, event website, showcase website, etc.

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Last update: October 26, 2020

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