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March 09, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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You create your website, and you want to be visible on Google. It’s also possible that you want Internet users to find the address of your office, store… With the Map block, you can offer your visitors different types of maps.

With an address

Map block of SiteW

If you select the “Address” mode, the Map block displays Google Maps by focusing on an address. Such as in Google Maps, you just need to enter an address in the Map address field. To display the map on your scale, you can also predefine the zoom level by default.

With a custom map

custom map on sitew

You can connect the Map block with your Google Drive account and insert a custom map created with Google My Maps directly.

Google My Maps is a free tool related to the Google Drive service that allows you to add indicators and custom lines to a Google Maps background.

If you click the Google My Maps button in the Content tab of the editor, the SiteW file selector opens and allows you to choose the custom map you will add to the Map block.

block files

But first, you will need to connect your Google Drive account with the SiteW file selector.

With an Abrital & Booking map 

Abrital & Booking map

The principle

Thanks to our partner called Stay22, you can offer internet users a map focused on the address of your choice that displays the available accommodations with their prices around this address.

This type of map is particularly adapted when you organize an event, a workshop, or a training: it automatically suggests accommodations to your visitors during the period concerned. To that end, you can predefine dates of arrival and departure in the Content tab of the Map block.

What are the different types of accommodations?
Info stepup
Our partner, Stay22, works with two booking platforms: Abritel (red tags) and Booking (blue tags). When you click on a tag, internet users are automatically redirected to the booking page concerned.


You can configure the “Abritel & Booking” map so that it corresponds to your graphic charter, meets your needs, and your public’s ones. You can:

  • predefine or not a booking period

  • offer internet users the possibility to filter results

  • limit accommodations to Abritel or Booking

  • change your map style: map background, button colour

Map block filters

Example of the custom map with the open filter panel


These three types of maps enable you to give your website visitors much useful information: location, itineraries, custom maps, or accommodation search. It’s your turn now! 📍

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Last update: March 09, 2023