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March 09, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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Drag and drop a Store block on your website and start selling online. This guide will show you the main features and all the possibilities of this block.

The store seen by visitors

The products

Here is an example of a Store block published with SiteW.

store block

This screenshot shows:

  1. the product categories

  2. the list of products such as:

    1. a strike-through price (handbag)

    2. a pre-order (backpack)

    3. a product with options (suitcase)

  3. the criteria for product selection in the list

  4. the search engine of the store

  5. the cart button

That is the best method to create a perfect online store!

Prices, promotions, discounts
Info stepup

The Pro package offers you the possibility to manage your price and discount policy freely. Wholesale prices, discount codes, loyalty points, special offers for specific customers, discounts on additional products or shipping costs… Everything is possible. For more information, don’t hesitate to read our guide about the creation of custom prices on your online store. 👀

By clicking on a product in this list, internet users discover the comprehensive product page.

shipping costs store block

We can find:

  1. The comprehensive description and the product image gallery. These mouseover images enable you to zoom in on the details, and a simple click opens the full-screen gallery.

  2. Delivery information: the price and estimated delivery date, the conditions for free shipping costs

  3. The cart button with the desired quantity.

Automatic management of shipping costs
Info stepup

The Pro package enables you to add the main carriers to your online store in just one click: Colissimo, Chronopost, Mondial Relay, UPS, etc. Prices and delivery time are automatically calculated. Choose the delivery methods for your online store in a few clicks. 🚚

The cart

A simple click on the Cart button enables you to open a cart page such as this following one:

shipping methods

In this example, the main elements of the Cart page are:

  1. The list of the ordered products, with the possibility to edit quantity or delate the line.

  2. The choice of the carrier among the delivery methods configured in the store.

  3. The specific field to enter a promotional code.

  4. The tick box to accept the terms and conditions.

  5. The payment buttons depending on the available methods in the store.

Electronic payment methods
Info stepup
The Pro package enables you to add most of the electronic payment methods to your store, whatever it is a solution your bank offers or a multi-bank solution (PayPal, Stripe…).

The personal space

Each customer who confirms their order becomes a member of your website. Then they can accede to a personal space on your website, and follow their order status.

sitew orders

The store seen by the seller

Product management

In the SiteW editor, you create your products directly into the Store block to stay close to the result the visitor will see.

product page

These following tools enable you to manage your product characteristics:

  1. a toolbar to delete, duplicate or save your product

  2. a selector to choose your product categories

  3. a dropdown panel for the price and its options

  4. a dropdown panel for the stock and its options

  5. a specific area to manage product options (free or chargeable options)

  6. a space for private information

  7. a tick box to make your product visible or invisible

  8. The product description can have text, images, videos, links, downloadable documents, etc.

  9. Google references each product separately, so a text area enables you to enter a description for search engines.
The stocks in the SiteW Store block
Info stepup

You can configure the display of your stock status and enable the automatic management, including stocks by product option. You can sell unavailable products, by offering pre-order or backorder options.

description product page

Order management

The seller receives notifications by email and/or in their browser for each order. They also receive notifications in the SiteW dashboard for the current orders.

sitew store block

A “My store” tab has different tools to manage orders, shipping, and bills related to the business activity.

manage orders store block

For example, on the screenshot above, we can see the order status: process ongoing. When the status of an order changes (payment received, order shipped or cancelled), the customer is emailed and can also follow their order in their personal space.

Digital sale
Info stepup
The Store block also enables you to sell digital products such as e-books, multimedia files (audio, video), the access to protected pages on your website. You can configure everything: number of authorized downloads, period of validity of a link, etc.

Customer management

The list of your website members shows customers:

sitew store

You can also configure automated emails according to some events on your store, such as abandoned cart:

sitew online store

To summarize

First, drag and drop a Store block on a page of your website. Then choose a payment and shipping method. If you want, you can enable automatic billing and stock management. Your online store now is ready. Your customers will have the possibility to order each product created in the Store block. SiteW deals with all the sales tunnel automatically, so you have nothing more to do.

Where is the cart button?
Info warning
If we can’t add your products to the cart, this means that there is no payment method defined for your store!

The following video shows you the creation of a basic online store with two products into two categories. Then you can see the website publication and, finally, the purchase simulation up to the customer’s data input.

As you can see, just a few clicks are necessary to transform your showcase website into an online store. Start creating your online store and sell your products on the Internet! 🛍

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Last update: March 09, 2023