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Widget block - Back-to-topThe Back-to-top gadget allows you to add a button to your website, that allows your visitors to go back to the top of the page. You can find this gadget's options as well as a few examples in this guide.

The back-to-top gadget is part of the Widget block, the general presentation of this block is available in the Widget block guide.

Once added to your page, the gadget stays on its position and does not move like the other blocks of SiteW. It allows to go back to the top of the page anytime and very quickly. This gadget does not appear when the visitor is at the top of the page, it appears when the visitor scrolls down.

This block is available for all Premium and Pro versions of websites.

The possible modifications of the Back-to-top gadget are: 

  • Choice of the background colour
  • Choice of the arrow's colour
  • Enable text or not
  • Text colour
  • Rounded corners

Here are some exemples of the Back-to-top gadget: 

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