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Add links

You can add links to your website with the Text block (or with the Image, Button or Icon blocks).

  1. Click on the block you want to insert a link on. To add a link to an Image or an Icon block, click on Choose a link (on the left of the screen, in the blue panel) and go to step 5. To add a link to a Button block, enter your link in the input field or select a website page in the drop-down menu.
  2. To add a link to a text block, select your block to go to text edit mode.
  3. Select the text on which you want to insert a link.
  4. Click on , in the Text toolbar, at the top of the page.
  5. In the window displayed, you can link to:
    • a website URL (http://www...)
    • one of your website pages, or a specific area on a page ("internal link")
    • un produit, un lien d'ajout au panier d'un produit, un bouton de paiement d'un produit, une catégorie de produits ou le panier de votre boutique en ligne
    • an article or an article category of your blog
    • an email address
    • a phone number
    • a document to make it downloadable
    • No link will break the link
  6. optional: in case you did not select any text, you can directly enter a link text.
  7. Optional: you can choose whether the link opens in another browser window or opens in place of your website or downloads the document (if the link leads to a file)
  8. Optional: Choose a title. It will display on mouse-over.
  9. Click on insert: the text you have just selected changes into a link.
To add links to products, you will be able to choose among the following possibilities for link destination:
  • DIsplay the product description
  • Directly add x product(s) to cart. Then:
    • open the confirmation window (by default)
    • open the cart
    • select a payment method among the ones available
Please note that:
  • It is not possible to enable the "Add to Cart" option with a product with mandatory options
  • It is not possible to pre-select a payment method, if the cart has mandatory options, or if the customer must accept the general conditions of sales before processing payment

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