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I already own a domain name

You can use a domain you already own for your website. Using your domain costs the same price as booking a new one (2.39€/month, 1 domain is included in the Premium package and 3 domains in the Pro package). 

If you do not have any SiteW website yet, signup and choose a temporary website address first. 

Then, go to the My websites page and click on Settings, followed by Domain names and emails.

Finally, click on the link I already own a domain and would like to use it for my website then enter your domain name and validate.

Once your order has been validated, you will be given 2 possibilities:

  • either keep your domain in its current registrar. You will receive instructions for configuring your domain. You will need to pay for the yearly renewal and your email address configuration will have to be done from your registrar's website (if they offer this service).
  • or transfer the domain to SiteW (you will still be the owner of the website).