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What is a domain name?

A website is identified by its URL The domain name is part of this URL. It is composed of:
  • The top level domain or extension that may be related to a country, in this case it is composed of 2 letters (for example .fr for France, .es for spain or .de for germany), or it can be related to an activity, in this case it is composed of 3 letters (for example .biz for business, .net for computer sites or networks, etc.).
  • The second level domain which contains between 3 and 63 characters.
  • Possibly a subdomain which you can find in the beginning of the domain name. It gives precisions about the domain. The subdomain www (world wide web) is often used to define the main website.
For example, for the domain name, the extension is .com, the second level domain is sitew and www is the subdomain.
A domain name allows to get the ip address of a website, which is a series of numbers allowing to identify the server which hosts the website.
The use of letters allows to facilitate the memorization of the web addresses.
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