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Website optimized for mobile devices

With SiteW, you can create a completely responsive website, optimized for smartphones and tablets, in vertical or horizontal mode.
Pour la gestion des sites mobiles vous devez choisir un mode parmi 3 modes de création possibles (cliquez 2 fois sur l'icone mobile dans l'outil de création de site pour changer de mode) :
  • Mode mobile avec optimisation automatique (uniquement sur mobile)
    In this mode, the website design allows to display the whole content of your website in a mobile format. The overlapping elements, or the elements in columns, are automatically arranged, in an intelligent way. In the mobile mode, you can hide blocks, but you can't modify or reorder them. This mode is appropriate to obtain a website optimized for mobile devices, without any effort. See guide Automatic mobile website
  • Mode mobile avec personnalisation manuelle
    In this mode, you can create a totally custom website, that is responsive for all devices. You can modify the Computer content the way you want, and hide or add blocks for each device. Therefore you can add similar or different content, according to the device, to adapt it to mobile users (for example, you can create synthetic content, or take into account the fact that your visitor is travelling). This mode is appropriate, if you want to offer a customized mobile experience (which requires more customization). See guide Create a website, optimized for mobile devices.
  • Mode mobile identique vue ordinateur
    In this mode, your website appears like on computer, with a zoomable small-sized content. This mode is not considered as optimized for mobile devices, and it is appropriate, if your website doesn't have much text, in order to improve legibility.
La version pour les mobiles de votre site sera parfaitement compatible avec les iPhones et iPad d'Apple, les smartphones et tablettes Android (Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc...), les tablettes windows et tous les smartphones et tablettes supportant les technologies HTML5/CSS3 (tous les modèles actuels supportent ces technologies).