How to become a virtual assistant?

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How to start a virtual assistant business from home?

Secretary online, SiteW helps you make your own website

Virtual assistant website template

One of the first steps when you are setting up a virtual assistant business is making a website dedicated to remote assistance, in order to highlight your professional experience, your qualifications and skills. With SiteW, you will stand out from the crowd, by creating a virtual assistant resume on your website. Add the text, videos or documents, and customize your website layout. Thus, you will make a virtual assistant website that you love.

Become a virtual personal assistant

The many features will allow you to create a virtual receptionist website: contact forms, calendars to show your schedule on your website, Download blocks to make documents available for your visitors... With the Drag and Drop system, you will find it easy to make a website for a personal digital assistant or a medical assistant online, that will contain all the necessary elements, in only a few minutes, simply using your mouse.

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Virtual assistant blog

Improve your visibility, by setting up a digital assistant blog

How to start your own virtual assistant business?

By making a virtual personal assistant website, you open a home secretary office on the internet, and this way you make it more visible. SiteW puts at your disposal many tools that will allow you to make your online assistant blog known: SEO features to improve your Google ranking, social network buttons to share your website, Blog and Forum blocks to update your web pages…

How to get started as a virtual assistant?

SiteW assists you all along your virtual assistant website design: whether it be to register a domain, or improve the graphics of your site, or even increase your Google ranking, you will never be left on your own. The SiteW web design tool has been developed to allow anybody to build a website very easily. But don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question, when you create your virtual secretary website.

Be a virtual assistant at home
Become an online assistant by building your own website on SiteW:

  • Social media

    Adding social media buttons to your virtual administrative assistant website will allow you to make it known.
  • No ads

    Your virtual office assistant website won’t contain any ads. With SiteW, website design is totally free!
  • web design

    SiteW offers you all the web design features to make an online personal assistant blog that fits you.
  • Assistance

    If you have specific needs for your virtual assistant website design, don’t hesitate to write or call us!
  • Web hosting

    All your online virtual assistant website data is securely hosted, on our high-performing cloud technology.
  • Domain

    If you want to register a domain for your digital personal assistant website, you must know that we are here to help you.
  • Evolutive

    The flexibility of our packages allows you to create a remote executive assistant website, with a full peace of mind.
  • Responsive

    Don’t worry, your home sec blog will be accessible from any mobile device, all around the entire world.
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