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Build your own website for free

Building a website from scratch will never have been so easy.

Start your own website

You may think it is difficult to build your own website. Especially if you don’t have much technical knowledge. That’s why Site W designed a web page editor allowing everybody to build a free web page simply using the mouse.

How can i create my own website?

You only need to follow 4 simple steps in just a few minutes to build your own website on SiteW. Open your account, enter the title of your website, choose your free website template and your package and that is that: you are creating a webpage.

Website creation software
Add images
Type text
Creating a website is so
easy (drag-and-drop wysiwyg tool)
fast (everything is done online)
and absolutely free.
Start creating your website now!
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August 28 2018, 01:43 4/5
Perfect for beginners
Perfect for beginners.
Thierry joubert
April 03 2018, 10:06 5/5
Quick to react and efficient
A team with quick reaction, an intuitive, fast and effective platform. The quality of SEO and the rapidity of page loading are very impressive. The SiteW team is very flexible and available for the customers and personally responds to the requests for contact and information.
July 27 2017, 19:47 5/5
It is a website very easy to use with a...
It is a website very easy to use with an impressive support team. I was rapidly and efficiently assisted.
Louise menard
July 24 2018, 05:45 5/5
Really easy to use
So easy, SiteW is great!
Sud aventure
September 26 2018, 08:11 5/5
Easy and complete!
SiteW is easy to use and enables you to do many things. The support team was fast and efficient when I had a problem or a question. The only negative point is my computer slowdown when I use the platform but it is probably due to the low power of mi device.
Coline goret
August 27 2018, 07:56 5/5
Great website for beginners...
I almost create all my websites with I love it !
June 20 2017, 02:31 5/5
Thank you to
Thank you to Very useful and functional.
Asso yog'art
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How can i create my own website?

You have often dreamt of creating a webpage but never dared to take the plunge? It is time now!

How to create your own website?

How to setup your own website, freely and with no time limit? Just use the easy website builder of SiteW. Moreover, your webpages will not contain any advertising! You will then be able to upgrade your free web creation by adding the features you need at your own pace.

Make your own website

How to make your own homepage to share your passions, your business projects or whatever is dear to your heart? SiteW is a free web creator that enables you to highlight your interests. Add images, videos, widgets
: everything you need to build your own website and customize it.

How to make your own website from scratch?
What SiteW brings you to build your own website:

  • Webdesign

    With SiteW, you are free to build your own website with a modern and trendy design, it is easy with the customization tools of sitew
  • Domain

    Site W assists you through all the steps of your domain registration after building a website from scratch.
  • Statistics

    I can follow the statistics of my own webpage by using the tools provided by SiteW.
  • Assistance

    It is easy to build your own website with SiteW: read our FAQ, our online help or contact us by email.
  • Cheap web hosting

    You can build a free webpage without worrying about web hosting: SiteW hosts your data on the cloud.
  • SEO

    Indexation in search engines is taken in charge by Site W. Improve your Google ranking.
  • Social Media

    Spreading my own webpage on social media: the easiest way to make it known and to create my community.
  • Responsive website

    My own webpage is totally responsive and perfectly adapted to tablets and smartphones.

Examples of website built with SiteW

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