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Everything About Online Payment For Your Online Store

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SiteW allows you to enable any type of payment methods for your online store, whether it be payment by credit card or online payment. In order to provide you with a service that perfectly matches your needs.

The SiteW guarantees for online payment

Credit card payment methods included in the SiteW packages

The E-commerce websites include Credit card payment solutions, as well as Paypal, Stripe and Paygreen.
The Pro packages offer more than 10 online payment methods, with option to add any alternative payment method, that you can embed into a website.

Instant payment

As soon as a payment is processed on your website, an automatic confirmation email will be sent to you, and to your customer. Digital products will be instantly available.

Secure online payments

Your ecommerce website will be totally secure, with the SSL certificate (as long as you registered a domain - included in your package).
The credit card data will never pass through SiteW: it will be directly managed by the payment system.

Additional possibilities

Other optional online payment systems

We support all online payment methods that can be embedded in a website, as an option:

  • A credit card payment method in several installments with deferred payments, or via bank credit (for example, Choozeo, which is a service offered by the banks Caisse d’épargne and Banque populaire)
  • A credit card payment method
  • An online payment method without credit card (similar to Paypal for example)

Comparison between the different payment methods, with prices

Payment methods without banks

  • Benefits: You can activate it online. There is no subscription or installation fee.
  • Limitations: transaction costs are high (between 2 and 4%).
  • For whom? These solutions are ideal for a quick launch.
  • How to collect your money? Generally, you can collect your money by direct debit, or on request.
  • Examples: Paypal, Stripe, Paygreen.

Payment methods with bank

  • Benefits: The transaction costs are low (<1%).
  • Limitations: There is an installation fee and a monthly subscription fee.
  • For whom? These solutions are ideal to lower costs.
  • How to collect your money? Your account is credited after the bank has received the money.
  • Examples: LCL, Crédit Mutuel, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, La poste, Caisse d’épargne, Banque populaire, CIC...

How to implement the payment solutions?

On SiteW, you can easily enable the online payment methods that you need:

  • Paypal: to enable Paypal, you just have to enter your Paypal business account address.
  • For any other payment method: please tell us the name of the solution by email, and subscribe to the service provider. If the payment method is optional, setup fees will apply.

The text presenting the online payment system, the payment confirmation email, and the button text, will automatically adapt to the payment method selected.

You know everything about all the online payment systems, that you can implement in your ecommerce website, with SiteW. Feel free to use this guide and to ask for some advice, in order to choose the best solution for you!

Last update: July 20, 2020

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