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March 16, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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Creating an ecommerce website necessarily involves embedding of online payment solutions, but choosing these solutions and, especially payment service providers, is not so obvious.

Today online payment is the payment method Internet users are most expecting. It is unimaginable to create an online store without being able to pay directly on the Internet: it’s so useful, easy and fast… Most of us usually pay online.

Well, how to create a website with secure and effective online payment? Which solutions exist? How to proceed? Let’s see this in detail… 🔍

How to create a website with online payment?

It is possible to use a website builder (like SiteW 👋).

First, keep attentive: all solutions for web design do not offer a solution to sell online, but the solutions giving this possibility enable you to create a website with online payment, totally customizable, easily.

For example, SiteW enables you to open a small e-shop for €15.99 / month and a complete web store just for €23.99 / month, and we do not get any commission on your sales.

Create an online store

Creating a website with online payment: the crucial issue of the security

When you choose your service provider to open your e-store with online payment, the issue of security will certainly come up.

Depending on web solutions, you will be more or less alone to fix IT security issues.

  • For example, if you choose to build your online store with online payment by yourself with a CMS (like Wordpress o Joomla), you will need to deal with all security issues, about updates and compatibilities.

This type of service indeed does not help you during the creation of your ecommerce website. Therefore, to use this type of tool with complete peace of mind, it is essential to have strong basic computer skills to avoid any chance of attacks, flaws or interferences.

  • Otherwise, if you choose to hire a freelancer’s services for the creation of your website with online payment: whether they are using a CMS or a dedicated platform such as Prestashop, you do not deal with anything. Therefore, you will need to ensure their reliability. They must be able to give you all necessary cautions about the securing of your web store.

Moreover, creating your online store on our platform makes you totally free to manage your online sales as you want, but you enjoy support, and we deal with all security issues totally: HTTPS is enabled on all your pages to protect your customers’ sensitive data (especially banking data) totally.

Online payment

Making a website with online payment: do not forget to offer several payment methods

Today, offering online payment on your store is essential because paying your purchases directly on the Internet, now, is a consumer’s natural behaviour: for most Internet users, now, paying online is as natural as clicking or scrolling.

  • However, to take the right decision and maximize sales, also offer other payment methods. A wide range of payment methods increases the possibilities of eliminating brakes on purchase and convincing.

  • Offering many payment methods shows professionalism and credibility for Internet users.

  • Moreover, if your direct competitors make many payment methods available for their customers contrary to you who just offer online payment, competitors will probably overtake you… The Internet is an increasingly competitive place and therefore, it is essential to be competitive in the long term.

Web design with online payment: choosing your payment methods

To choose the payment methods that suit your online store best, pay attention to the following points:

  • The nature of your products (services)

  • Your target audience: their expectations and behavioural habits

  • Your pricing

  • Your company (size of your store, sales abroad or no…)

Paying online

The different payment methods for an online store

  • A non-electronic payment method (cheque, order form…) can be a good way to convince the Internet users who are reluctant to online payment, that is to say the consumers who are afraid of leaving their bank details on the Internet.

  • As we have seen it before, payment by credit card today is essential because most of Internet users hope to be able to pay online on a web store.

  • Offering online payment with Paypal or Stripe is a good option for a secure payment on the Internet and reassure the consumer.
Watch out
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Keep attentive to commission rates on sales.

The SiteW E-Commerce package enables you to add any payment solution (10 solutions are included, and you just need to get in touch with us to choose another service provider).

How to design a website with online payment with SiteW?

SiteW enables you to open an online store with online payment easily. Just a few clicks are needed from the website creation page.

Creating an online shop with payment by Paypal or credit card

On our platform, to add an online payment method to your ecommerce website and configure it easily, you just need to open a Paypal Business account or enable the payment method of your choice, in just one click, on our tool for web design.

Configuring the options also is easy (you can define the button text, the form fields, customize the message on the website as well as the email sent…).

When your customers pay with the Paypal button on your website, they have access to a Paypal page. Then you receive a notification email.

Create an online store

Making an online store with another online payment method

Our program offers different online payment methods (PayGreen, PayZen, Stripe…). You just need to enable it, in one click, directly on the website creation page.

Moreover, you can add another payment service provider for your e-store. To that end, open an account in this provider and convey the necessary information to us, so we can embed it.

Now, you know more about building an ecommerce website with online payment:

  • Which solution to choose for the creation of your online store according to your project and sales targets?

  • How does it cost?

  • Is it difficult, risky?

  • How to add payment methods?...

Ready, steady, sell!

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