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The visual identity of your company is one of the main elements of your brand image. Today, the Internet is an integral part of the buying process. So it is essential, for any business, to improve their digital branding and to build the visual identity of their website. SiteW offers many tools that can help you create a visual identity that is effective and professional, on your website.

What is visual identity? What is brand image?

The visual identity of your company can be considered as its “graphic identity”. It includes all the visual elements related to your brand: it can be your logo, your typography, the drawings, photos and videos you use on your website, the colors and icons you chose etc. Your visual identity should convey the values of your company, the spirit of your brand and activities of your business.

Brand image includes all the thoughts and feelings associated with your brand. So it is  largely determined by your visual identity.

What are the goals of your visual identity?

Your visual identity should ideally comply with the following objectives:
-Satisfy your target audience
-Establish your brand
-Give you credibility with your partners

To this end, your visual identity should have the following qualities:
-Simplicity: Don’t confuse your customers with too much complex information. A simple message will always be more effective.
-Consistency: Your visual identity should be consistent at different levels: it must respect the values of your company, but there should also be a graphic unity between all media, whether print or web.
-Meaning: Choose the elements of your visual identity not only for their appearance, but also for their meaning and psychological dimension.
-Originality: Finally, your visual identity should allow you to stand out from the crowd and to draw the public attention.

How to create a visual identity for your brand?

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Before launching yourself, think about the following points:

  • Your positioning (who are your competitors? What sets you apart from them?)
  • Your target customers (What is the profile of your customers?)
  • Your communication goals (what are the values and feelings you want to associate with your brand?)

Once your intentions are set, consider the following steps:

  • Find the brands that you like and use them as models
  • Select the communication channels to be used according to your customer profile and your goals.
  • Choose your style (retro, flat design, classic, etc.)
  • Ask your friends, family and your customers for their opinions.
  • Create a graphic charter if needed, in order to write everything down accurately.

How to build the visual identity of your website?

To create the visual identity of your website, you can ask a web designer to help you. In any case, you will have to think about the following elements:

Your logo

You will be able to easily find online services that allow you to create your own logo. And you can hire a web designer, if you want a more professional result. Your logo should be available in all sizes and in black and white. Remember to ensure its legal protection, by registering it with the IPO, USPTO (or any appropriate authority).

Your colors

Colors influence our behavior, even though we are not necessarily aware of it. For example, the color purple evokes royalty, mystery, spirituality and luxury whereas the color blue suggests new technologies, intelligence, calm, trust, stability, power. SiteW offers you instant access to a large variety of colors, whether it be for the Text blocks, your website background or even the shapes you use in your website.

Your typography

In the same way, the fonts you choose will have an instant impact on your visitors. On SiteW, you can choose your typography carefully. Our guide on how to choose your fonts will help you make the right choice.

Your key visuals

You can choose drawings as well as photos or videos. SiteW offers you instant access to Pixabay’s image database, so that you can choose the images you want, from hundreds of thousands, in just a few clicks. You will also have the possibility to add images, galleries or videos to your website background, possibly in fullscreen. In any case, make your choice according to the feelings you want to convey with your brand.

Your graphical elements (shapes, icons, pictograms…)

Choose your visuals in a consistent way. SiteW puts at your disposal many blocks that allow you to easily insert the symbols you need: the Button block will give you the possibility to create custom call to action buttons, in just a few clicks, the Box block will allow you to add any kind of shapes to your website, whereas with the Icon block, you will have a large choice of icons, available in just one click.

Your page layout

Finally, don’t forget to work on your page layout. A clear and neat layout makes the difference, and, depending on the location of the elements, the information on your page won’t have the same impact on your visitors. The Ruler and Guide tool as well as the automatic block alignment will help you create a perfect website. Also remember to use the Separator and Menu blocks to delineate the different parts of your pages in order to make your website user-friendly.

We have just shared some advice and guidelines with you, so that you can begin to create the visual identity of your website. We are looking forward to seeing the result of your work!

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