All About Color Meanings To Design Your Webpage

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colorwheelAs far as your webpage design is concerned, choosing the color combinations of your template is very important because it is what your visitors will first see. Poorly chosen colors may discourage them. And colors will affect them anyway: generally speaking, bright, warm colors will tend to be stimulating and deep, cool ones will be more soothing. So it is essential to learn about color meanings. We will see, in this article, which colors combine perfectly and a selection of online tools that will help you create an attractive website.

Some colors combine perfectly and others just don’t. You can use a color wheel to determine the complementary colors of a particular color, and thus create a visually appealing color scheme for your webpage design. A webpage can contain 16 million colors which correspond to hexadecimal codes (#FF9900).

color meanings and color combinations for webpage design

Color meanings and examples of combination

Colors also have subtler meanings: they are symbolic and emotional and they affect people much more deeply than is commonly believed. Thus it is important to learn about color meanings, before your choose the colors of your webpage design.

  • Blue evokes calm and serenity, as well as peacefulness and coolness.

  • Bright yellow is a joyful and stimulating color, which we usually associate with the sun and light in general. As it is a very vivid color, use it cautiously for your webpage design.

  • Red is a controversial color. It is the color of love and passion as well as the color of blood and violence. It combines well with brown, black and white.

  • Green is commonly acknowledged as the color of nature. It perfectly complements ochre and Brown.

  • Orange is an optimistic and invigorating color. You can use it sparingly with red or yellow.

  • Purple is a color you may find difficult to combine. It is linked to spirituality and to loneliness and melancholy.

  • Brown is a neutral, soothing color, that is commonly associated with animals and trees. It may nevertheless seem a bit bland.

  • Black, just like white, cannot be properly defined as a color. It is very neutral and can be associated with soberness and elegance. It goes well with every color.

  • White stands for purity and perfection. As far as color combinations are concerned, it combines well with every color, but may seem a bit too plain.

  • Gray is soft, soothing, elegant, all-purpose. But it can seem a bit sad in excessive quantities.

  • Pink is commonly acknowledged as the color of femininity. It is dynamic with a hint of delicateness if used very sparingly.

For your webpage design, only use a maximum of 2 main colors which you must choose according to your website topics and your visitors’ expectations. And don’t forget to take color meanings into account. If you haven’t created a SiteW website yet, here are some online tools that will help you choose your website color combinations and create your graphic charter.

choose colors in color wheel

Selection of online tools

  • Adobe Color CC is an Adobe tool allowing to view graphical themes and to find colors associated with a given image.

  • Paletton is a color palette generator, which creates new color palettes for any given color.

If you have already created your SiteW website, you can modify its design. You can, for example, use the chosen color combinations in your  Text blocks or Widget blocks.
You now know a bit more about color meanings and can easily improve your webpage design by testing new colors combinations.

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