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When you create a website, the header is essential as far as your website appearance is concerned. Indeed it is located at the top of your homepage and thus it is the first thing that your visitors can see. So it is crucial for it may make people stay longer on your website. It instantly conveys the title and topics of your website but also its look and feel.

You must have understood it by now: you should pay special attention to your website header.

SiteW offers you all the necessary tools to build an effective header by yourself with no need of resort to a web designer.

What should your header contain?

  • Your website title
  • Your logo
  • Your moto
  • Your navigation menu
  • Your social networks
  • A call to action button
  • A member login form
  • A contact link
  • Flag-icons if your website has been translated into other languages.

How to create your header with SiteW?

To easily create your header the way you want, remember to build it from the background page so that your header displays on every page of your website. Then you can use the various tools that SiteW offers you:

  • The Image block (Full width option) will allow you, as you can see it in the video above, to create a beautiful header on your website.
  • The Gallery block (Slider mode) will allow you to create a dynamic header for your website containing several sliding images. Remember to move your Gallery block to background using the following button

Remember to add a light/dark/blur filter to your images and sliders, so that your website title and texts remains clearly visible. To do so, you can click on the Design tab and choose among the 5 different filters at your disposal (Black and White, Color or gradient, Contrast, Invert or Blur). This way, you will be able to create cool effects for your images.

You can also check the Parallax option to create a stunning 3D effect.

  • The Video block (Full width option) will enable you to create a beautiful video header. Nevertheless, make sure that the title remains visible.
  • The Text block (Title mode) will enable you to add a title to your website: choose the font you want as well as the size and color of your font.
  • The Widget block will allow you to add titles and the Button block will allow you to add custom buttons to your header. Remember to choose colors at once bright and harmonious. with the Box block (notably the rectangle in full screen mode), you can also add backgrounds and frames and create some beautiful graphic composition according to your needs.
  • With our Social block, you will be able to add your social networks to your header, if you want to.
  • The Member block will allow your subscribers to login to your website as soon as they arrive on your homepage.
  • If your website has been translated into several languages, it may be useful to display the flag-icons on the header so that your foreign visitors can easily find information in their own language.
  • The Menu block will allow you to effectively finish up your header


You now know everything you need to create an effective and attractive header for your website. Be creative !

Alexandre Hilf
Chief Marketing Officer
My thirst for knowledge and interactions brings me to share my best tips with you, so that you become a real marketing expert.

Last update: August 19, 2020

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