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As it is located at the bottom of the page, your website footer could tend to be forgotten or overlooked. However, it can be a great asset. It is used to deliver information to visitors. And it plays an essential part in your website navigation. SiteW offers a specific function dedicated to footer.  In this article you will find some tips for creating an effective footer.


What are the benefits of a footer for your website?

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Improve navigation

The footer will allow you to make your website navigation easier: especially by detailing the structure of your website, by repeating the navigation menu, and by adding a “Back-to-top” button, or call to action buttons.

Additional information

The footer is the ideal location to complete the information that can be found in the main body of your website: external links, information about your business/company, basic information about your services, contact details, social media icons, localization map...



The footer is the right place to show your credibility to your customers: security certificate, information about your customer service, customer opinions...

Visual attraction

Your footer, especially if you work on its appearance (content area, background color…), can be a great graphic asset for your website. You can add pretty and/or funny details that will entertain your visitors and draw their attention, while gaining their sympathy.

What content should you create for your footer?

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Repeat the navigation menu

Repeating the navigation menu can be particularly useful for very long pages, or for mobile navigation: your visitors may need to change pages, once at the bottom of the page, and it is not very convenient to scroll back up to the top menu. So it is useful to add a second navigation menu in the footer.

Information about your company

You can add links to your “About” and “Contact” pages. The About page presents your company, your business, your team… and the Contact page allows you to display your contact information, with your opening hours for example.
You can also add contact information in the footer (for instance, you can insert a Google map with the full screen option to display the location of your shop or/and a contact form to allow your visitors to contact you directly via your footer.)

Social media icons

Your footer is the perfect place to display social media icons. You can, of course, resort to the SiteW Social block to do so.

Calls to action

Whether it is to encourage your visitors to follow you on social media, to visit your shop, or to subscribe to your newsletter, your footer can contain one or more call to action buttons. To add these buttons, you can use the Button block.

Your events and news

The footer is the perfect location to promote your events: current promotions, latest news, exhibitions… To do so, you can use the Widget/Title block, for instance.

Subscription to your Newsletter

Insert a Newsletter block in your footer, so that your visitors can subscribe to your Newsletter on all your website pages.

Your website guarantees

You can display the guarantees you offer (“satisfied or your money back”, “delivery is guaranteed in 24 hours”), on a banner or a badge. You can use, for example, the Box block.

Back-to-top button

The Widget/Back-to-top block will allow your visitors to come back to the top, in just one click. Very useful to improve your website navigation!

Basic information about customer service

If you have an ecommerce website, you know what kind of information your customers are looking for: whether it be questions about delivery, return policy, order tracking, etc. Make ordering easier, by facilitating access to information in your footer.

Customers’ testimonials

You can also display some customer testimonials, which will improve your credibility.

Legal notice and copyright

Legal information allows to protect your website and its content, and to inform your visitors, according to current regulations.

Interesting links

In your footer, you can insert additional links that you want to display on your pages, but without dedicating a whole section or page to them.

Tips for improving your footer appearance

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Stay consistent with your website design

More often than not, the footer design is not consistent with the rest of the website, visually speaking. It is important to create a footer that perfectly matches your website style. The SiteW feature dedicated to your footer design allows you to customize the look of your footer, the way you want.

Be simple

Your footer content must be clear and spaced out. A footer generally contains a lot of information: so it is essential to facilitate access to this data. Try to use simple and legible fonts, and focus on contrast. But don’t use too many colors or complicated patterns.

Order your content

You can present your footer information in columns or lines. This way, you can make your content clearer. You can use the Widget/separator block, with full screen option, to segment and order the data. The most important information should be highlighted, and the least important should not be too obvious. To do so, you can play with fonts (size and colors for example). Don’t hesitate to read our comprehensive guide on how to customize your typography.

Focus on visual elements

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It is often said that an image is worth a thousand words. This is especially true for your footer, because you have to display a lot of information in a little space.  For example, a map may be better than a written address.  And social media icons are sufficiently obvious, and advantageously replace links or long sentences encouraging visitors to follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

You now know how to create an effective footer that displays all the information needed by your visitors, in the clearest way, while improving your website navigation, and gaining in credibility.

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