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February 08, 2023 - Yasmina Souidi

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If you are an artist (photography, drawing, video, painting, sculpture...) or a craftsman (cabinet maker, gilder, potter, blacksmith, landscaper…). If you are an architect, a home designer, a web designer, a web developer… You are passionate and super creative. 

Only one thing is missing: make your talent known!

Creating your online portfolio with an image gallery containing your past achievements, will allow you to make the most of the internet. You will be able to increase your visibility, make your job known, and reach new audiences, and therefore more potential customers.

💡 Through this article, we give you tips and tricks on how to create a successful portfolio. We have also listed some beautiful websites designed for creative professionals, so that you can find some inspiration. 

So it is high time to spread your reputation: create the best digital portfolio!


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Portfolio inspiration ideas: best examples of portfolio

We have selected some online portfolios, among the most innovative and beautiful ones, in order to show you examples of successful websites, designed for creative professionals.

Let yourself be inspired!

Example of portfolio for a communication agency

Shtick is a visual communication agency, with a conceptual and graphic mood. So is their website, with sophisticated animations, and a clear and sleek appearance.

This digital portfolio is a one page website. You just need to scroll the page to see all the information.

You can see their past achievements, by clicking on the images to see the whole project.

Portfolio for a photographer

Stéphanie Gonot is a photographer that lives in LA. 

Her photography portfolio is colorful and energetic, and it has an interesting characteristic: you can browse the website by color. There are also some funny animations.

This portfolio is mainly visual, and contains almost no text. That 's why browsing by color is a very good idea, to give an impression of energy, with no text needed.

Example of freelancer portfolio

Pierre NGuyen created his freelance portfolio and works both in an agency and by himself, as a freelancer. His portfolio is cinematographic and refined. The black and white colors give his website elegance. 

He uses many smooth animations on his website, that remains simple and classy.

Web agency portfolio

This digital portfolio was created by a french web agency, AgenceMe. It is joyful, colorful and full of energy.

The website is built around colors and animations. The navigation is simple and intuitive, and it is based on continuous movement.

This website is very minimal and stands out for its many colors and visual effects.

One page portfolio example

Bahaasamir is an agency that works on brand identity. Their portfolio is simple but very effective!

This one page website takes you to its world. Even your cursor is customized!

The animations are simple and smooth. This portfolio contains almost no text: it is very visual.

Web design portfolio

Miki Mottes is an illustrator and a web designer. His illustrations are funny, charming and a bit crazy. And his website perfectly reflects this mood. It is pleasurable to browse through his drawings that represent animated little creatures. 

Thi portfolio is a bit different from the previous ones because it conveys much more information than the others.

Example of graphic portfolio

Simon Si-Shen is a video maker. His portfolio is graphic, and well structured. It is divided into two categories: the artistic part, and the business part.

This portfolio is composed of many videos, all hosted on an external platform, in order not to slow down the website.

Digital portfolio

Dess is a communication agency. Their website is well defined, graphic and very modern, with smooth navigation.

This simple portfolio is very user-friendly, with its simplified navigation.

You just visited some remarkable online portfolios.

So, how to design your own? 

Creating a portfolio with SiteW

Our tool allows you to create a portfolio very easily.

Whether you are a photographer, a painter, a web designer, an architect, etc., you better show your work and make your own online portfolio

With SiteW, you can create your digital portfolio without any specific knowledge. Your portfolio will look the way you want it to. It will be customizable and very detailed.

SiteW allows you to improve the ranking of your portfolio website. You will have access to all the data, descriptions and keywords for search engines.

An online portfolio is an asset for creative workers. It allows you to promote your work, and show it to a lot of people. Moreover, it includes all your achievements and summarizes your work experience in a blink of an eye. It also shows your style and the quality of your work.


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How to create a successful online portfolio?

Before the creation of your online portfolio

Your online portfolio must be structured according to your professional goals. If for instance, you're a craftsman, and you want to make your work known, or if you are a web agency and you want to internationalize your business, your professional website won’t be built the same way.  

So you should not act in haste, and keep your goals in mind, before starting your online portfolio.

The best addition to your online CV

Keep in mind that your portfolio won’t replace your curriculum vitae. Rather see it as an addition. We’ll see later in this article, how important it is to add text to your online portfolio.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the illustrations remain the most important part for a creative professional like you, because it is very visual.

🚀 With SiteW, you will be able to post your images on your website, as well as to publish your resume in just a few clicks. 

The various steps for creating an online portfolio

You just need 4 steps to publish your portfolio. Be careful if you want to create a successful portfolio ;-) 

👉 Carefully select your images: when you choose your photos, take the ones that best represent your work: your biggest achievements, your creative work, as well as the past projects you are proud of. Try to choose very different projects. In a nutshell, show your skills! 

👉 Ask the concerned people before publishing anything, because some projects are confidential. So you have to get their permission. That way, you will prove your professionalism and maintain a good relationship with your past clients.

👉 Regularly update your portfolio: There can be no question of creating your digital portfolio, and dropping it right after! No, it is essential to update it on a regular basis, and to add your latest projects.

👉 Promote your professional website: creating a wonderful digital portfolio is unfortunately not enough. The most important is to promote it online (SEO, social media…), but also offline (word of mouth). To sum it up, don’t hesitate to talk about yourself!

The major points to make a portfolio

Security should not be neglected

It is important to create a professional website that is both secure and reliable. The protection of your data must be one of your main priorities.

Make sure that all the files of your website (images, videos, text) are hosted on a secure cloud system. And that you can access them any time, and easily manage them.

All your website pages should be HTTPS, and you should integrate the SSL certificate.

On SiteW, you can also protect your images and text against theft, in only one click, for all your pages: this option allows to disable the mouse right-button, and prevents access to the source code, making it difficult to copy your content.

Care about the visual aspect

Ready to create an awesome portfolio?

First make sure you make your website clear. There is nothing worse than an unclear presentation. To avoid this trap, use the right web design tools: move and resize the elements of your pages, until you get a perfectly clear presentation.

Also remember to create defined sections, and to work on your page structure, by adding shapes and lines.

💡 On SiteW, the rules and guides will help you place your website elements, in a very precise way. 

Don’t forget to add lots of text

The textual part of your portfolio is very important, for two main reasons: 

  • Above all, for user experience. Indeed, it is interesting for your visitors to have access to descriptions of your work.

  • Then, it is essential to write text for search engines: to do so, add your keywords, but also your metadata.

Choose the right features for your online portfolio

There are many web tools. You will find some of them useful to build your digital portfolio:

  • Add, for example, some links to your social media pages, or a Comment block allowing to share customers testimonials.

  • You will also be able to add a blog, for example, if you are a craftsman, to talk about your job and know-how.

  • Or you have the possibility to insert an agenda or a contact form, or an online quote request.

In a nutshell, try to make your website a place where people can exchange!

Promote your portfolio to make yourself known

The last step of your portfolio design is its promotion. To do so, you have several means of action:

  • First work on your SEO, using all the specific tools offered by our service: domain registration, custom URL, access to metadata and statistics, keyword and backlink strategies...

  • Also use the community tools, such as social media, blog, forum or the Member block.

  • And finally, speak out: don’t hesitate to use word of mouth, and to talk about your website around you.

And that is that. If you follow these simple tips, you will easily know how to build an effective portfolio, and how to get the success that your talent deserves.

Don’t wait: start your portfolio, and above all, show us the result!

Yasmina Souidi
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