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Web templateYou can now add several email addresses to your SiteW account. This new functionality is really handy in order not to lose any email, to use different accounts depending of the email content or if your email address changes.

The page My-emails is accessible from the page My-account > My-emails, or from the page My-websites > Settings > Domain name and emails

This page allows you to:

1. Manage your emails and their status

If one of your email addresses becomes invalid (for example if your email provider rejects one of our emails), this page will allow you to validate your address again or add another valid email address.

Tip: To prevent your email provider from rejecting our emails, add to your contact list.

2. Configure your emails

With your website created with SiteW, your receive different kind of messages about: your account, your website, your packages and options and, if you created a website Pro of Premium, emails from the Contact and Comment blocks.
If you added several email addresses to your account, you can choose to which addresses the emails will be sent, depending on their content.

3. Manage your redirections

When you have one of several domain names, this page allows you to choose your redirection addresses and their destination addresses.
For example, if you have the domain name "", you can create the address with destination address All the emails sent to will be automatically redirected to
To configure your account to be able to send messages on the behalf of, we invite you to read the guide: Create a pro email.

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Last update: March 18, 2021

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