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June 06, 2023 - Anaïs Sautarel

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You can add several email addresses to your SiteW account. This feature is useful to make sure you don't lose any email, to use different email accounts depending on the type of mail or if you need to change address.

Once you have created your professional website, you can easily create and manage professional email addresses attached to your domain name (email box or forwarding). The My emails page is accessible as soon as you log in to your account, from the left-hand panel.

Emails can be managed by SiteW (email box) or by an external service provider (e.g. G Suite).

How to create professional email addresses?

If you use SiteW to manage your emails, you can add from 1 to 10 email addresses per website, depending on your package.

Here are the steps to create an email address:

 - Click on "Create a new email address", from the My emails page.

For more information, go to our article devoted entirely to the creation of a professional email address!

How to manage my email addresses?

Sending and receiving mail

If you create an email box, you can easily manage it from your SiteW account, on the My emails page, in the box for an email address, by clicking on the three dots at the top right:

 - You can click on "Configuration of email applications" to show the current mailbox configuration and password.

 - You can change the password by clicking on "Password change".

If you have created a redirection to your email address, be careful, because redirection email addresses may cause reception problems. 

This is because spam filters are unable to authenticate the sender of the messages in this case, and the emails often end up in the "Spam" section.

That's why we recommend that you create a mailbox and add it from your Outlook or Gmail account. To find out how, take a look at our guide to creating a professional email address. In this article, you'll find a step-by-step tutorial for creating a professional email address, attached to your domain name, using Gmail or Outlook.

During the process, you will be asked for POP server configuration and SMTP information. 

You'll find all this information in "Configuration of email applications". You can then choose to display the settings for configuring your email address depending on the platform and webmail used.

Deleting professional email addresses

You can delete the email addresses you have created: redirects will be deleted immediately. Email addresses will be kept for 30 days and then permanently deleted, along with their content.

You now know how to create and manage your professional email addresses on SiteW.

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Last update: June 06, 2023