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Time flies, you have change…, your organization or your company has evolved, grown and progressed… But your website has remained the same.

As you probably already know : something is wrong. You can’t leave things like this.

It’s really time to consider a complete overhaul of your website, to make it relevant to your new projects, new pace and new life… You’re highly motivated for this journey, but you don’t know what the best way is to start…:-)
We don’t blame you. Let’s see together how to definitely make a successful website redesign.

Before starting to redesign the website: Identity what’s wrong!

The first step to take, before anything else, is to know why, exactly, would we want to restyle our Website

But also and above all, figure out if it is appropriate to do this now and how to do this: Do the website need a full revamp or just few changes?
Do we need to change the whole website content, only the design or perhaps the SEO strategy?

First, we’re going to list all the good reasons which lead a website owner to want to revamp his site. If you fit one of these cases, it is time to redesign your website:


  • My site is ugly”: it seemed nice 7 years ago but now it looks like my grandmother's flat but worse. ;-)
  • My website has no visitors”: My site is nice, but the internet users don’t care about it; In fact, it seems to be invisible.
  • My site is not performing”: I have some visitors, but they just have a look and go... Not my luck!
  • My site is quite challenging to manage”: The supplier I chose to create it don’t allow me to properly keep my pages up to date. It’s always an obstacle course when I need to do an update.
  • “My site is really boring”: It’s no longer relevant for my activity. It doesn’t highlight my brand and doesn’t allow me to stand out from competition.



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Website revamping: Finding Issues.

After becoming aware of what worries you, you can easily know what your issues are and how to work to make things better... And enjoy your website again ;-)


  • Design: It’s all about appearance. Whatever people say, it matters. Particularly on the web ! You will have to remake the graphic design of your pages from scratch and make them wonderful.
  • Web marketing: So, it is about a lack of performance. There must be some changes easy to set up in order to get results which make you do your happydance. ;-)
  • Site managing: Your supplier is overbooked, poorly organised or always missing… and it really annoys you. Or perhaps you chose a non-intuitive web platform which doesn’t fit your expectations and makes it really difficult for you to do anything on your website. Maybe, you will have to find another web design service. We will see that together.
  • Ranking: Your site suits you, it’s gorgeous, user-friendly and commercially well thought out. However, it is totally ignored by users. That is certainly a SEO issue : Nothing that we can't solve with a good strategy!
  • Branding: Your site is amazing but it doesn’t fit (anymore or enough) your brand values. You have to enhance your corporate identity.


Now we talked about what’s wrong. But there’s another point which is almost as important : What’s right.



Site Redesigning: What do we keep and what do we junk?

Now is the time to sort! To start our website redesign, we start with identifying the weakest points as mentioned above, but also the strongest points.

Google analytics will be a very crucial tool, to help you to accurately determine the performance indicators of your web pages.

You will know in detail which pages are the most visited, what keywords lead to your website, what your bounce rate is, etc.

Once you have a full report with the things you want to keep, the things which need some adjustments and the things to throw away, you can start to create the design brief of your website redesign.


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Web design portfolio

The design brief to redesign a website : The tool that keeps mistakes away.

Writing a document, a kind of design brief that summarizes your project, will significantly; help you to clarify the different points and organize the work between you, your team or your supplier.

In this Design brief for the redesign of your website, you will specify:


  • Your goals and your resources, 
  • A full analysis of your current website, 
  • The complete content of your website, 
  • Your graphical charter, 
  • A short presentation of the new means of managing you consider for your website.


Moreover, when you finish the design brief, you should have answered the question of which provider is the best for your website makeover.

Determining your needs, your resources and the management system you want should indeed put you on the right track to…


Choose the best solution to redesign your website.

In short, you may find yourself in different specific cases.

Case number 1: You have a tight budget or you just start your business, you want to redesign your presentation or professional website.
Case number 2: You have a substantial budget, but absolutely not the time or the will to do it alone.
Case number 3: You have a tight budget, no will to do it alone and you want to do it quickly and efficiently.

Depending on your situation, you have several options:

If you’re in case number 1, you just have to click on the pink button below and start to create your website with us! You’ll have access to a wide range of free and 100% customizable templates, to help you to create a spectacular website.
If you’re in case number2, all you have to do is contact one of our SiteW expert who you can find in the "Partners"section. =>  I want to hire an amazing SiteW experts 
If you’re in case number 3, may happen but it is quite utopian…. you just have to do like in case 2 and be a good negotiator! 



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Web template

Do you know how to restyle a website ?

Professional web designers do indeed like this:


  • We start to design a graphic model, in other words a visual first draft of your future website.
  • In this section we look after the structure and the SEO pages. We also check that every single page has a clear message and matches a query. Don’t forget, you don’t create a site for yourself. 
  • Then, strictly speaking, we integrate the pages.
  • Later, we filled the web pages with the visual and textual content
  • Finally, we perform last tests to make sure we didn’t get lost during the process. :-)


We revamp a website to make it better and to draw benefits from it. Making a short check of our SEO is always a good idea to become more effective on the web.



Focus on SEO for a good website makeover

The website revamping is the perfect moment to get a report on our own visibility.

Make sure you review all the following items:


  • Does your site comply with the security standards. For example, check if all your pages obey to the HTTPS /SSL protocol.
  • Is your website responsive? Some online tools like Mobile Friendly allow you to test the adaptability of your website on different screen sizes.
  • Is your site technically efficient? You can use some free online services like PageSpeed Tools, to check if the loading speed of your website is optimal,
  • Is the website structure right? Your sitemap.xml must be correctly indexed and up to date.
  • Linked to the structure, the content is also really important for your website SEO, consi the creation of web content and the way to avoid the "blank page".
  • Is your metadata properly written? Make sure you check your tags(Hn, Alt tag, nofollow…) and insert your keywords there.
  • Can you access your website statistics? Make sure you connect your website with the Google Tools.


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At this step, you normally know a bit more about how to redesign a website than earlier.

And now, all you have to do is to get started...

We wish you a lot of courage, dedication and consistency...and above all the best achievements on the web.

Emma Delattre
Junior Brand Manager
As a Brand Manager Junior, I try to make a noise about our tool. As a content creator, copywriting has (almost) no secret for me.

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