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Add descriptions to your images

Website builder free hostingGive more information to your visitors and to search engines by adding descriptions to your images. This description is showed on mouse-over and below the image when it is dispayed on fullscreen.

To activate this free functionnality, you must add a description to your website images (only available for your uploaded images - Flickr images are not supported).

In the file manager, click on the Show button (activated when one or several files are selected) or simply click on the button that appears when you click on an image and create a description for each image.

This description will be automatically displayed when the visitor moves his mouse over the image (Image block) or over the thumbnails (Carousel block), as well as in the image's fullscreen display. The description will help search engines know what your image is about and will optimize your search engine ranking.

Last update: March 23, 2020