How to start blogging?

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How to be a blogger?

Starting a blog for free is a piece of cake with our personal website creator

How to start your own blog with SiteW?

You have a project to promote or ideas to share? Start blogging and you will be able to do all that. Use the SiteW personal website creator to start blogging easily.
Starting a blog will give you the possibility to make your work known and spread your opinion, even if you have little knowledge in computer.

Tips for starting a blog

Create your personal web page in just a few clicks. Read our online explanations to get to know how to begin a blog in only 4 steps. With SiteW, you just need to open your account, to enter your weblog title, to select one of our personal website templates and to choose your package. And that is that: now you know how to start your own blog.

Why SiteW is the best choice for your website?
How to create website using php
Create a website easily.
With SiteW, you are able to easily create your own professional website without technical knowledge.
A total creative freedom.
Release your creativity to give your projects the best and develop your online presence. We take care of the rest!
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How to create website using php
Start your website quickly.
With a few clicks, you publish your website, add all our functionalities to create the website of your dreams.
Our team is at your side to succeed.
Our team is based in France and is totally available to quickly help you when you need it.
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How to start writing a blog?

Starting a blog for free is quick and easy with SiteW

How to create a dynamic website

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Create a personal web page for free is unlimited in time with SiteW. You will easily know how to begin a blog with our eblog tools. Your weblog will be entirely customizable and will contain no advertising at all.

How to create a successful blog?

How to be a blogger? With SiteW, only a few clicks are enough. Our team will help you with starting a blog and you will enjoy all our blogging tips for you to get to know how to start your own blog easily and quickly.

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Find out all the benefits of the SiteW personal website creator:

Your project deserves the best of our website creation software!<br>Enjoy all our functionalities to start your website creation, take charge of your online presence!

  • Webdesign

    Find out how to start blogging and create a blog that stands out by using our webdesign tools.
  • Statistics

    Start blogging and follow your visits thanks to the detailed statistical tools of SiteW.
  • Domain

    How to start my own blog with a domain name? SiteW helps you register your domain.
  • Assistance

    Our team answers your questions about how to begin a blog, 7/7 by email. Read our online help too.
  • Cheap web hosting

    You can rest assured that your weblog will be hosted freely and safely on our Cloud-technology.
  • Social media

    After starting a blog, add it to your social media pages and easily promote your weblog.
  • SEO tools

    How to start writing a blog and make it visible? SiteW gives you the right SEO tools: custom URLS, meta-descriptions, keywords…
  • Responsive

    Create your personal web page and make it responsive: your eblog can be accessed from any device.
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