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How to create a homepage that is effective and attractive, before you could say "knife"?

How to build a webpage?

SiteW is an online service offering anyone to create a free webpage easily. Free webpage hosting allows you to build your own webpage: as it is affordable, you can dedicate your energy to your project development rather than wasting your time creating a webpage that is expensive and difficult to manage.

The perfect home page builder

I want to make my homepage to increase my visibility. The home page builder of SiteW offers me all the tools I need to make my webpage. SiteW can help me with creating a webpage, then I can use the webmarketing tools to improve my webpage reputation and/or my online sales.

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Creating a website is so
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fast (everything is done online)
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Create a webpage

The SiteW page builder gives you the possibility to build your own webpage with a mere click

How to create a homepage in no time?

SiteW makes your internetpage creation as easy as a mouse click: with the Drag and Drop technology you can add all your web page design elements (photos, videos, texts, gadgets...) directly with your mouse: easy for everyone!

SiteW, page builder for 8 years now

SiteW has acquired significant expertise in internetpage creation. The SiteW team will provide you with all the tools you need to make your own webpage but will also give you advice to improve your free webpage.

Build your own webpage
Enjoy the following advantages by choosing our page builder

Your project deserves the best of our website creation software!

  • Webdesign

    Build your web page design the way you want it. It is easy with our tools.
  • Domain

    I make my homepage and SiteW helps me to choose a domain: it is fully easy.
  • Statistics

    You will get to know the location and profile of your visitors by following the statistics of your internetpage.
  • Assistance

    If you have any question about our page builder, we are here to help and guide you.
  • Cheap web hosting

    With our home page builder you can enjoy free webpage hosting: your data is stored in our secure cloud.
  • SEO tools

    My webpage is indexed in search engines. SiteW takes care of everything. Get to Google’s top results!
  • Social Media

    I can share my webpage on Facebook, Twitter and Google +... And make it known easily.
  • Responsive

    With our page builder, your internetpage will be responsive: it will be visible on smartphones and tablets.

Examples of sites designed with the SiteW page builder

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