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Music website design

If you are a music artist, it is essential to make your creations known. SiteW helps you make your own music website.

Websites for musicians

Even if you don’t have much knowledge in computing, or if you get easily bored in front of a computer, you will be able to use our website builder for musicians and create your own music website quickly and easily and with no effort! Create harmonious music websites in just a few clicks!

How to start a music blog?

You are part of a band or in charge of their communication? Compose and build a music website the way you want, only using your mouse. Our musician website builder will allow you to create a free music website that you will be able to easily share on social media. Choose one of our music website templates.

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Best website builder for musicians

Today, being on the Internet is inevitable for any artist: start a music blog that inspires you.

Band website templates

Music artists need contact: with their audience, with other artists. The interactive blocks (Contact, Comment, Newsletter…) of your free band website will enable you to connect with your fans and make your music website design known among other artists.

Make a music website

You love music? Share your passion! With our Music block, you can make your music heard by your audience by starting a music blog on SiteW, and communicate with your fans on a forum. With our music website builder, starting a music website is easy, fun and quick.

How to create a music website?
Starting a music blog with SiteW gives you the following advantages:

Your project deserves the best of our website creation software!

  • Webdesign

    Create a music blog and make it look the way you want: everything is customizable with the SiteW web design tools.
  • Social networks

    Communicate with your public thanks to the social media buttons you will be able to add to your music sites.
  • Assistance

    You are lost? If you have any question about your musicians websites, just contact us, we will help you.
  • No ads

    With SiteW, you can create a free music website that contains no advertising: it will look the way YOU want.
  • Cheap web hosting

    Your musical websites are hosted on our Cloud for free. You can be confident that your data are totally secure.
  • SEO

    We are here to help you promote your music website design by offering you all the necessary tools.
  • Domain name

    Make a music website and register a domain to improve its visibility and make your music known.
  • Responsive

    How to create a music website that is totally responsive? It is easy with the specific mobile tools of SiteW!

Examples of music website templates made with siteW

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