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 Use our free pet website templates for your pet sites!

Pet care websites

If you manage a pet care business (pet sitting website, dog walking website, vet blog, shelter website, animal rescue website, dog care website...), you must know that SiteW allows you to create your animal blog very easily and without any technical knowledge. You will be able to add photos, a booking form, a calendar, a location map
 in only a few clicks, you will have completed your animal site, your online dog shop or your cat store online.

Dog website design

Dogs are often considered as man's best friend. If you are a dog lover, if you planned to be a dog sitter, or even if your job is already dog-related, you may be wondering how to make a dog website. Just choose one of our dog website templates and create your dog sitting website, your dog breeder websites or your dog rescue websites very easily, by using our animal website design tool.

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Animal website design

If you love pets, the Internet is a perfect way to connect with other animal lovers: create a pet website

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How to start a pet blog?

Pet care is above all a passion. Create a hamster website, a puppy site, a rat website, a mouse website, a kitten blog
 whatever animal you prefer, you will be able to build a website for your favourite pet. Use our cat website template or create your own bird website templates in minutes, using our web design tools.

Horse website template

You are passionate about horses and want to communicate with other horse lovers through horse websites. SiteW offers you the ideal tool to make a horse website. Indeed, you don’t need to have specific knowledge, to be able to create a horse website, using our online service. Horse blogs started with our webbuilder can then be easily shared on social media.

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You will enjoy what follows for your pet shop website or your pet website:

Your project deserves the best of our website creation software!<br>Enjoy all our functionalities to start your website creation, take charge of your online presence!

  • Social media

    Add button-links to share your online dog store on social networks, in order to easily make it known.
  • Domain

    Register a domain name for your cat blog: we are here to help you at each step of your cat website design.
  • Webdesign

    Choose one of our pet website templates and customize it the way you want, to create a pet website.
  • Assistance

    If you have any doubt or question about your dog lovers website, don’t hesitate to send us an email!
  • Webhosting

    On SiteW, the hosting of your animal website design is not only totally secure, but also completely free.
  • SEO tools

    SiteW puts at your disposal all the necessary tools to improve your SEO and make your kitten website known.
  • No ads

    We can guarantee you that no unwanted ads will be displayed on the screen of your website for cats.
  • Responsive

    Create a horse website that is responsive: you can be sure that this will be very easy with SiteW.

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