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You are a talented chef. Increase your visibility by creating a restaurant web page

Restaurant webdesign

Ok, you cook very well but have little computer skills. Starting a restaurant blog with SiteW is so easy that everyone can do it! With our easy-to-use tools, you can create beautiful restaurant websites simply by using your mouse. It is what is called the drag and drop html5 system.

Free restaurant website template

Choose one of our free restaurant templates and build a restaurant website in the easiest way possible. Thanks to our SEO and social features, you will be able to promote your restaurant web page. Moreover, with our tools your will be able to create your restaurant webdesign the way you want.

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Free webs Restaurant website design
Create a restaurant website now

Restaurant website design

SiteW offers everyone to create their own webdesign for restaurants

Simple restaurant website

With SiteW you can create a free restaurant website: you can add images, videos and texts and it is extremely simple and totally free. Furthermore, you can manage and maintain your restaurant blog all by yourself.

Restaurant website hosting

Enjoy a free web hosting for your restaurant web page. Add a map to your restaurant blog for people to easily find your location. All the data of your restaurant webdesign is hosted safely in our cloud. You can add your menus, galleries and opening hours.

Design your own restaurant online
Build a restaurant website with SiteW & get all the benefits listed below

Your project deserves the best of our website creation software!

  • Webdesign

    Use our free restaurant templates to build the restaurant website you want. It is a piece of cake with SiteW!
  • Social networks

    Design your own restaurant online and make it known by promoting it on your social media pages in only one click.
  • No ads

    You are sure your restaurant website will contain no unwanted advertising. It will remain just as you created it.
  • Assistance

    You will never be left by yourself: if you have any question concerning your restaurant blog, just read our FAQ or send us an email.
  • Cheap web hosting

    Don’t worry. Your restaurant web page is safely hosted in our cloud technology. And it is totally free!
  • SEO

    We help you to promote your restaurant webdesign by giving you the necessary SEO tools to do so.
  • Domain name

    Build a restaurant website and register a domain name for your brand. Improve your brand image!
  • Responsive

    You will have a perfectly responsive restaurant blog. Your customers will be able to view it from anywhere in the world.
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