Create a website for a nonprofit: the guide!

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In the age of digital technology, creating a website for your organization seems obvious. More than any other field, the nonprofit sector mainly works on network, partnership, word-of-mouth, exchange...

Organizations have therefore, even more than companies, their rightful place on the internet, a fantastic place to network.

How to create a site that meets the specific needs of your organization? That is to say, a website which, at a low price, or even for free:

  • Brings a real visibility to your organization,

  • Informs the general public,

  • Inspires confidence in partners.

In short, how to create a useful and successful organization website? At SiteW, we have our own ideas on the subject, and we want to talk about it with you.

Creating a website for an organization: why is it essential in 2022?

One thing is certain, managing a non-profit organization today presents challenging challenges:

  • The lack of resources is often the main problem, whether in terms of time, budget or staff.

  • The competitive aspect is also a major problem. Indeed, there are more and more organizations in all sectors (social, cultural, sports, charitable, humanitarian, educational…).

It is becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Especially in an economic context where the means (whether individual means  at consumer leve, or collective means at institutional level) are becoming increasingly scarce. In this context, the problem of diffusion and visibility becomes a real challenge.

Indeed, by considering all these aspects, we realize that the objective of any non-profit organization is, in terms of communication, to succeed in combining these  seemingly contradictory objectives:

  • To manage to stand out and to highlight their activities

  • But to do it at a lower cost, easily and without wasting time

Creating a website for an organization seems to be the natural answer: a cheap solution, easy to set up from home, it is within everyone's reach, and allows you to be visible worldwide. What do the people want!

Designing a website for an organization, yes, a thousand times yes. But not in any way.

Create a website for an organization

How to create a website for an organization?

As we know, organizations, because of their public utility, do not seek profit, and generate less funding than a company.

Nevertheless, communication is part of their central missions, and they must constantly reinvent themselves and compete with new ideas, to be able to communicate to the greatest number of people, and their specific audience, with the few means they have.

Making a website for an organization, that goes without saying, but not with just anyone: using a web design software is a solution that is well suited to organizations.

👉 If you dabble in computers, and if you feel able to manage the security measures of your website, and to spend time building and maintaining your pages→ a CMS can be considered.

👉 If you're comfortable with your mouse, but don't know how to code, and want a simple and secure solution, we recommend → a website builder like ours instead.

💡 At SiteW, we offer a turnkey solution that combines the advantages of being both: affordable (you can even create a free nonprofit website!)and fast, and we offer complete autonomy to manage your website. This allows you not to waste time, nor money, and not to involve your staff. Perfect for an organization such as yours!

Create a site for your organization: what content to include?

Once you have chosen the solution that suits you best, you can start designing your website.

Building an organization website: let's start at the beginning, the presentation

You are about to create a free website for your nonprofit. Generally speaking, one piece of advice and one only: be precise and synthetic, and make a nice site. In short, take care of the content and the form.

Customize the design of your organization website according to your branding, depending on the emotions you want to convey. But prioritize the clarity and accessibility of information, above all else.

💡 On our platform, you start from a predefined template that you choose. Then, you customize the design elements, in a few clicks: colors, shapes, icons, links, menus, page backgrounds, stripes, lines, shapes, fonts, etc.

How to create a site for a NPO: choose the right blocks

Start by writing the basic information about your organization: date of creation, history, missions, activities, composition of the board.

Also think about adding the practical information you need, by creating a Contact / Location page, where you can enter your contact details, indicate your opening hours, and insert a Google Map that will allow your visitors to locate your office or premises.

Adding a calendar showing your events can also be a plus. If you manage a sports club, you can display the schedules, or the shows, matches, and meetings.

A custom form will allow your visitors to easily contact you. You can also add various interactive features such as FAQ, forum or comments.

Receive your payments with the HelloAsso block. Take advantage of the free subscription and especially the 0% commission.

Collect your payments, sell your tickets, collect your membership fees, launch crowdfunding campaigns, collect donations: everything is possible to develop your organization with HelloAsso and SiteW.

Choose the look and feel of your HelloAsso block: button, form or thumbnail, everything you need is just a click away. (Yippee! ✌️)

Create a nonprofit website, get started

Creating a website for a non profit: the problem of visibility

As we have seen, visibility is central for the associative sector - and this is one of the main advantages of the web.

👉 Of course, you will have to work on SEO, and find and place your keywords with care.

👉 But an organization also has cards to play, by publishing bold and viral content…

Videos showing impressive, funny, zany, bluffing performances in the artistic or sports field... Or messages, images or graphics that are challenging, staggering, revolting in the charity and social sector, with ...

Definitely, organizations have things to say and to show. And the Internet can and must serve as a relay.

Designing an organization website: laying the foundations of SEO

You cannot gain wider visibility without SEO. So a good strategy is essential.

👉 Start by searching your keywords: professional sector, specificities, activities, geographical area. Then, place them in strategic places on your pages: URLs, meta descriptions, titles, tags...

👉  Write long enough texts, and update them regularly, and add new pages frequently.

👉 Take care of the technical aspects of your NPO website: it must be efficient, responsive and secure. This is the case with our service! :-)

👉 Finally, structure your site well, the navigation must be clear and coherent (information, menus, links and accessible buttons). The pages must be linked with each other in a relevant way (hierarchically and semantically).

But as an organization, here is what you can focus on: your digital reputation, thanks to virality and networking.

Make your organization website known: your keyword, DARE!

Organizations are sometimes less serious than companies, or at least more entertaining (art, sport). So it is possible to be more daring, humorous and/or original. Take advantage of this, go all out, because originality is a main factor of your communication strategy.

Social or humanitarian organizations can also benefit from a communication campaign that goes off the beaten track, by impressing people with strong messages and powerful statements.

Make a free organization website: bet on virality

👉 Don't hesitate to create visual content (infographics, diagrams), insert photos, videos, illustrations (like a comic for example). Visuals are faster to interpret, and are shared more easily.

Isn't it said that a picture is worth 1000 words?

 This adage is true on the web even more than anywhere else.

👉 Put forward the people: the team, the founders of the organization, the volunteers, the members... because it will emphasize the human dimension of your organization, and will improve your sympathy capital, and show your dynamism, your creativity, your commitment...

Create a NPO website

Create a free nonprofit website: your community, your wealth

When you are an NPO, you generally don't have much money... But you are rich. Rich on the human level. As an organization, your community is your wealth: make it grow and take care of it.

Expand your community

When you manage a nonprofit organization, you know that word-of-mouth is fundamental.

Don't miss an opportunity to enrich your community. And above all, involve them: it is an effective resource.

👉 Exploit social networks, but dDon't leave your pages out there all alone, feed them regularly.

👉 Be present for your fans, answer as much as possible to all questions and requests.

To go further
Info stepup
Speaking of community, our users have talent, so don't hesitate to get inspired with these examples of organization sites.

Build loyalty with your community

Think of your followers as ambassadors of your organization.

If they talk about you, it must be often and with enthusiasm! You've just created a website for your nonprofit. Don't stop there! Update your site with your latest news, give news about your team and your missions, open a blog, send newsletters.

It's up to you
Info play
Between you and your community, the dialogue must be rich and lively!

Animate your NPO site: contests, challenges

If you are about to create a website for your organization, you will have to work very quickly to make it known.

For this, you can use anything original and interesting. In this perspective, photo / video contests or challenges can be a good idea: they are interactive and allow you to reach a maximum of people - remember the popularity of certain challenges or hashtags, for example.

With limited financial and logistical means, organizations tend to feel like they don't have much to offer... They are wrong! You undoubtedly have many non-monetary resources that you need to use. Be inventive! As a contest reward, offer a meeting with an artist, an athlete, a backstage tour, a special experience related to your organization's activities...

Website design for an organization: rely on the relationship

As a non-profit organization, partnerships are undoubtedly part of your daily routine.

Be aware that if you are about to create a website for your NPO, it will work the same way! 

Networking and partnerships in the non-profit sector

On the web too, focus on solidarity and the sharing of resources. In other words, you may not have a penny, but you have buddies!

👉 On the Internet, you can do guest-blogging, participate in online trainings or events, get interviewed by online magazines,...  in order to increase your backlinks (incoming links to your site).

👉 It is also possible for you to create a common website with other organizations of the same sector, located elsewhere. This allows you to be more visible, by mixing your traffic. And more pragmatically, to share hosting costs, for example. While saving time on the management of your site.

In short, it's a win-win situation as they say! 😬

Launch an organization website and optimize the search for funding

Funding (patronage, sponsorship and public subsidies) is part of the issues related to nonprofit management. That is why, if you have just created a website for your non profit organization, it is recommended that you create a ‘Partners’ page.

If your site is visited, listing your partners on your site (and on your social media pages, in your blog, your newsletter) can be considered as a counterpart, in terms of communication, in a partnership!

Whether they are logistics, media or financial partners, local or national, private or institutional, this obviously has a positive impact on your credibility: these people have trusted you, believed in your project and decided to help you. This is extremely rewarding. You are proud and honored, and you are right: the Internet is an excellent medium for communicating about your partnership and collaboration..

As far as individual sponsorship is concerned, on our software, you can easily add a donation button for your organization, and thus facilitate the involvement of the members of your non-profit.

Create a nonprofit website

Creating a website for a non-profit has many advantages and is adapted to the different problems of an organization.

An easy to handle solution (like us! ;-) ), seems to be perfect to create a website in an autonomous and fast way, while being flexible and affordable.

Not to mention that the Internet is probably the best tool ever for networking and maintaining a community.

So, why deprive yourself? Happy creating to you! 🚀

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